Birth Sampler: Part 5

From the last time I posted about Baby’s birth sampler:

Here is the latest progress picture.  You can see that my second motif is now complete:

I thought the stork with the pink bundle is the cutest (there’s no guessing as to what the stork had brought me!).  The stork symbolizes parental love and filial devotion.  It’s Germanic name (adebar/odebar) means “bringer of happiness”.  Indeed, Baby has brought much joy in the Ivory Spring household.  We only pray that we continue to learn to be better parents.

The swans are birds of love, also symbolic of purity:

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have enjoyed these progress pictures on my Baby’s birth sampler.  Have a nice day, would you? :)  Till tomorrow.

Birth Sampler: Part 4

Good day, my friends! I hope you are doing well. My “downstairs” project(s)” hadn’t been happening in the last few weeks. Baby needed all my attention. But these past few days, she has let up on her demands as she has learned to entertain herself better… so, when the “cat” (Baby) plays, the mouse (Mom) plays too! :) This is picture from my last update:

You can see I made a bit of progress here. The stems for the yellow fruits were not the easiest to stitch. I took out stitches several times because I was “eyeballing” the chart wrong!

I believe fully in my downstairs projects. I read this quote on Jane Austen’s writing by her nephew, James Edward Austen-Leigh, that affirmed my belief – “She had no separate study to retire to, and most of the work must have been done in the general sitting-room, subject to all sorts of casual interruptions.” I guess the moral of the story is that working on projects piecemeal is perfect alright.  After all, it is definitely Austen-tatious! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely and productive day!

Birth Sampler: Part 3

Between reading Dr. Seuss’ “I can read with my eye shut” for the 50,045th time, and singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for the 45,678th time, I managed to squeeze a few more stitches on Baby’s birth sampler.  This is my progress after about two weeks since my last update on the birth sampler:

The chart is very easy to follow – so, I have had no problems stitching without using a marker to mark off the stitched area.

I don’t have too many symbolisms to share this time – I will wait till the next update. Meanwhile, I’d better get back to my quilting. Thanks for stopping by – I shall catch up with you later!

Birth Sampler: Part 2

Baby’s Birth Sampler has become my “downstairs” project lately. The definition of “downstairs” project can be found here.  This is the progress I have made so far:

The following are the symbolic meanings I have found for the various motifs:

1. Tulips (stitched in yellow) symbolize Perfect Love.  I pray that Baby would know that she is loved, and would embrace the Source of Perfect Love – God Himself.

2. Dianthus/Carnation (stitched in peachy pink) symbolize Maternal Love. I do hope and pray often that there isn’t something seriously lacking in my love for Baby, and that if there is, I would be made aware of it immediately.

3. Thistle (I think of these as thistles, stitched in crimson) symbolize Protection.   I pray for that A LOT for Baby.

4. Daisy (stitched in peachy pink in the middle of the motif) symbolize Humility.  We all need a bit of that in our life, don’t we?  I pray for humility to prevail in my relationship with Baby, and that she would learn to humble herself before her Creator in all her life.

5. Flowers in general (stitched in peachy pink) symbolize Nature.   I pray that Baby would learn to appreciate the glory of nature and the One who had created it.

As for the blue urn…

If you aren’t new to my blog, you will know exactly why I have stitched the urn blue — that’s because of my love for the British blue dishes!! This particular urn is my rendition of the Wedgwood Jasper — I don’t have any deep meaning for this except that I hope Baby would “inherit” my dish-aholism! :)

6. Heart (stitched in pink) symbolizes Love or Divine Love.  See #1 (Tulips).

7. Forget-me-not (stitched in blue) symbolizes Friendship and Loyalty.  My prayer is that Baby would find herself loyal and loving friends throughout her life.  More importantly, she would know The FRIEND who sticks closer than a brother.

8.  Butterfly (stitched in blue) symbolizes Resurrection or New Beginning.  I have prayed for a long long time for Baby, before she was born, to know the power of Resurrection.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed seeing the progress I have made on the sampler. It has been a most meaningful endeavor for me.

(In case you are wondering, this is the Bienvenue Sampler by Long Dog Samplers, inspired by the Ackworth Schoolgirl Samplers).

Mary Wigham: Part 13 & Birth Sampler: Part 1

Good day, my Friends! There’s really nothing much to see here — but I thought I would show you my turtle-paced progress on my Quaker samplers.

Completed Mary Wigham

Completed Mary Wigham

Here is a quick peek on my Mary Wigham. Stitching the white on the lambswool linen was quite challenging in that it was hard to see the white against the light background. But I love the lacy effect!

Now, as if I need yet another work in progress (right!)… I am showing a teeny bit of progress on Baby’s birth sampler. A dear friend (for whom Baby’s middle name is named) had bought the sampler chart for Baby’s birthday. I want to get started on the sampler right away so that I can show this dear lady the progress of Baby’s sampler chart whenever we visit her… the colors are inspired by Baby’s Birthplate/Porringer:

I have been doing some research on the meaning of sampler motifs.  I am keeping a log to document the meanings of the different motifs stitched in this sampler so that I can use the meanings of the motifs to pray for Baby.  Baby will eventually be gifted with the sampler and the journal.

I found out that tulips in samplers mean “perfect love”. I am praying that baby would grow up knowing that she is loved, and that she would know the  Perfect Love and the source thereof.  Now, I can’t quite figure out what that orange-y peach flower is.  I am wondering if any of you might have an idea so that I can attempt to find the significance associated to that motif.

Those who are regulars here know that garment construction and I are like oil and water!!! Putting Baby’s dresses together inevitably turns into a saga, almost every time… I messed up on the armholes on the back skirt – that’s after I painstaking put in the placket and gathered one half of the skirt that I realized the armholes were wrongly drawn and cut. *sigh* So, I am taking stitches out and starting again!

Other than that, my Summer Solstice quilt is all put together. I am hoping to get started on quilting it within the next day or two (after I successfully put that Easter dress together, of course!  HAHAHAHA!).

I hope to have pictures showing REAL progress for you very soon! Thanks for stopping by – have a lovely day!

Needlework & Shop News: Sampler Charts for sale!

I was able to get a hold of some sampler charts from a close-out inventory, and will be listing various charts for sale in the near future. For now, I am offering some older LONG DOG SAMPLERS charts, by French Designer Julia Line, at very attractive prices (you know how expensive the LONG DOG patterns normally are!) – they are brand new and in original packaging:





They are listed in my Etsy Shop. Please note that quantity is very limited, so first come first served.

Needlework “addiction” and Soothing Sweetness

Remember these?


The end product is one of the quilts shipping out later this week to “The Quilter“. As you can see, I am under a bit of a deadline rush here, but what else is new? :)


My favorite part is putting the blue and the cream floral prints together. They just look so soothing and sweet placed side by side:


Switching gear to needlework… I couldn’t pass up needlework patterns that were marked down 75% – especially if they are from “Long Dog Samplers“. Here are my latest acquired patterns:


I don’t really worry about how I can carve out some extra time to stitch out these beautiful patterns with historical motifs ..because I keep a running list of 150 and more patterns I would like to stitch out before I die! Crazy, yes! A goal destined to fail, yes! But, I sure I hope I am not the only idiosyncratic one out there!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Till next time!