Smocking for Fall: Part 1

Good day, my Friends! I hope you have had a good week. I tried REALLY hard this week to follow my planned schedule – I have gotten quite a bit done. So, I am pleased about that. I started smocking a fall outfit for Baby. The smocking plate is “Leave it to us” by Little Memories:

This is my progress so far. I had trouble in the beginning – for some strange reason, the stitches just didn’t look satisfactory to me. It was also hard trying to picture-smock on the smocking board. I was going to just call it quits and do the regular geometric smocking, but I didn’t like the feeling of being bested by the smocking plate. So, I ended up taking out all my stitches on the front and did the backsmocking first before starting again on the front. I also separate out my floss, and starched and pressed the strands on a terry cloth towel… it’s working out so far. I am really liking the fall colors:

Alrightie – I have another busy weekend ahead of me – we have a lot going on this weekend. I’d better run. I will catch up with you later!

Done: Smocked Gingerbear Jumper

I bought this beautiful fabric a couple of months ago, knowing that I would use it to make a play-dressy outfit for baby.

I didn’t want to make something toooo involved — famous last words! Wouldn’t you know I fell in love with this little outfit (a modified Lucy by Children’s Corner) shown on website of Farmhouse Fabrics:

Picture from Farmhouse Fabrics

I just knew I had to make it with the gingerbread man fabric, using Little Memories‘ Gingerbear Smocking Plate! I have made a basic Lucy before, and was feeling a little adventurous in trying something different. Problem is, there are no instructions as to how to add an insert in a Lucy to make it look like the Farmhouse Fabrics sample. That means the original pattern had to be altered in order to fit the smocked insert. Nothing too involved, eh?! Did I say that? So, in order to make the Lucy after my own heart, I involved my dear sewing teacher Annelle in my crazy scheme to alter the pattern ourselves. Annelle is always super gracious to go along with whims (thanks, Annelle!).

I smocked the bears, did the prep work. We had just a bit of trouble centering the bears about the yoke. But Annelle can fix anything! We ended up with a jumper that looks pretty good!  We decided not to do the ruffle at the bottom.

Colors used in smocking: DMC 321, White, 3826, 937

Now, I have something to bring for show-and-tell for my December sewing club:

My, a whole week has come and gone. Mine has turned out quite differently than I had planned. It’s been a super busy week for me. I hope you have had a good one. Do enjoy your weekend. I shall catch up with you next week!

Smocking: A faceless bear…

… for now! :)  It was an uphill battle, I tell ya!  I feel like picture smocking and geometric smocking are two different animals.  Here is the progress on my Gingerbear Smocking so far.

Now, I just hope I can get the other two bears smocked without much trouble and heartache.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by – have a lovely day!