Yeap, Lollipop Spring is the last of my three quilts featured in Jump-Start Your Quilting, edited by Jeanne Stauffer and published by House of White Birches.

This is actually a tablerunner project with “lollipop” flowers appliqued on both ends of the runner.

It is a busy happy quilt.  It is busy because the different busy fabrics I had used for this tablerunner project.  It is happy because one couldn’t help but smile at the bright and cheerfulness of these fabrics.

The fabrics are from Moda‘s Tweet Tweet Collection.  Quilting is done with Aurifil Mako 50 thread, and batting is Hobbs Tuscany Silk.

Some of you have recently asked about Miss Baby.  Incidentally, we have started “school” at our house.  “School” constitutes every bit of five (!) minutes of working on a couple of worksheets after breakfast. :)  But Miss Baby is quite proud of the accomplishments from her 5 minutes of schooling!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope my projects in “Jump-start Your Quilting” will help jump-start your spring projects, whether they be quilting or cleaning. ;)


It’s sunny over here, and the birds are out there happily singing away. I thought it’s the perfect time to show you my Spring Nesting quilt that’s also featured in the Jump-start Your Quilting book by House of White Birches.

This is a small-ish sort of wallhanging, only about 20″ square. It’s perfect for gift-giving, or be made into a pillow, or incorporated into a tote! And if you are adventurous and ambitious, you can use the block as the center block of a larger medallion quilt.

You can see I quilted feathers on the tree to give an illusion of leaves.

The feather quilting aside, this quilt is actually my “in defense of straight-line quilting” quilt. Sometimes, all the hype giving to the free-form curvy and intricate quilting motifs makes it sound like there’s no place for straight-line quilting. That’s furthest from the truth. I, for one, definitely think that straight-line quilting is as important as feather quilting. If executed appropriately, straight line quilting really adds to the look of a quilt.

For the busy Tweet Tweet fabrics by Moda I have used in this project, I just wanted something clean and simple for the quilting to give the quilt just a bit of predictable and definite texture. Nothing is more definite and predictable than straight lines!

I used YLI silk 100 for the feather quilting on the tree, and my usual Aurifil Mako 50 cotton for the rest of the quilting. Batting is Hobbs Tuscany Silk.

I hope things are warming up for my Northern Hemisphere friends, where you start to enjoy the birds tweet-tweeting in your yard! Have a great weekend. See you again on Monday.


You have seen snippets over the past year…

But now, you see it in its entirety! My French Bouquet mini quilt is officially published in one of House of White Birches newest book, “Jump-start Your Quilting” (edited by Jeanne Stauffer).

This 16″ x 16″ mini wholecloth/applique combo wallhanging was designed with a home machine quilter in mind. A 16″ square is just about the perfect size for someone who wants to do a bit of practicing on fancy quilting using their home machine.

The fabrics are mainly from RJR‘s Fancy Hill Farm collection, except for the beige background that’s from Robert Kaufman‘s Radiance cotton/silk line.

Quilting was done with YLI Silk 100 (Color 239) over Hobbs Wool Batt because I wanted to highlight the feather quilting in the center of my floral wreath.

If desired, you can also quilt or embroider a monogram in the center instead of doing the feather quilting. The feather quilting motif is my original design adapted from an antique Persian floral cluster. It is printed in the book for quilters to use on their quilts.

Here are a couple of close-ups:

Click here to find out how I popped my applique:

I love it anytime I get to do dense quilting – therefore making French Bouquet a most enjoyable project! I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I had enjoyed quilting it.

From time to time, I am asked about the stitches I use for my applique. Come back tomorrow for a tell-all! Meanwhile, I wish you a beautiful day!

Coming soon: Jump-start your Quilting

Coming soon in February is the book “Jump-start your Quilting”, published by House of White Birches.

I have three projects featured in this book.

1. Lollipop Spring

2. Spring Nesting

3. French Bouquet

You may order a copy of this book here. I haven’t seen the book in person yet, but I can’t wait!!!