Peggy’s Joseph’s Pinwheels

Happy Monday, dear Friends!  I hope you had a good weekend.  I am utterly exhausted from all the activities that have whirled around at my end.  But company leaves today, and things should return to a bit of normalcy.

Peggy made my Joseph’s Pinwheels quilt for a baby that is going to be born.  Peggy did a great job, didn’t she?!

Some wrote recently and asked where they can access the pattern of this quilt.  There are a couple of ways:

1.  Fons and Porter Love of Quilting June 2011 magazine (back issue).  Click here to purchase.

2.  Digital pattern.  Click here to purchase.

3.  Supplementary DVD that mentions technique for quilt top construction: Love of Quilting Series 1800.  Click here to purchase.

Back to Peggy’s quilt…. mother of soon-to-be born baby is ordered bed rest for the last three months of her pregnancy.  Would you please please please pray for this Mom-to-be that all will go well for her and her baby?  Thanks MUCH!  I am hoping Peggy will send a picture of the baby with the quilt once he/she makes his/her grand entrance. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a stupendous week ahead.


Fons & Porter Love of Quilting TV Shows Series 1800

Some of you might recall my sharing about Joseph’s Pinwheels being featured not only in Fons and Porter‘s Love of Quilting magazine, but also on their TV show.

Image source: Fons and Porter

I received my complimentary copy of the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1800 Series DVD last week, and didn’t have time to watch it till about an hour ago.  While my little one was taking a nap, I spent about 30 minutes watching the “Joseph’s Pinwheels” episode.  It is rather surreal listening to Marianne Fons and daughter talk about my quilt.

Anyway, the DVD for all the Love of Quilting episodes aired this year is out.  You can order the 2-disc DVD set here if you wish to.

Since Joseph’s Pinwheels is a quilt of many colors, I thought I would also share with you a Color Studies packet offered by my friend Sandy.  Sandy is one of the first Americans who befriended me when I was fresh off the boat coming to America waaaay back in 1994.  I am generally not good at keeping in touch, but Sandy and I have managed to not go too long without re-establishing contact.  Sandy paints beautifully, and the last I check, she was working on her first quilt!!  Anyway, that’s my pubic announcement for the day.  Click here to view details.

I am still dealing with Thanksgiving aftermath at my end.  Today I am putting up my Fall dishes, and replace the cabinets with my Christmas dishes.  How are things looking at your end?

Later alligator!

Happy Day, Happy Baby, Happy Quilt

The weather in the mornings has been glorious where I live, albeit just a teensybit nippy.  I decided to take my Happy Quilt (officially known as Joseph’s Pinwheels) out for an outdoor photo shoot while Miss Baby is playing outside earlier today.

For new readers visiting from Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival, my “Joseph’s Pinwheels” is featured in the current (June) issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  I used polka dot fabrics of various colors to construct the pinwheel blocks, with solids as supporting cast.  I am super excited that this quilt is going to be featured in one of the upcoming Fons & Porter TV episodes.

Working on this quilt is the first time I incorporated a significant amount of black on a quilt top.  I found that the black really pulled all the colors together very nicely.

While I was snapping the pictures away, Miss Baby happily chased after robins that came to the playground.  Happiness for me at that moment was definitely being able to watch my precious little one happily playing away.  It’s a feeling of sweet contentment.

Miss Baby did take a moment to park herself on the quilt.  I am not quite sure why her hair looks a bit weird in that picture…

Quilting was kept to a minimum on this quilt because I wanted the dots to shine uninterrupted in their glory!

After playing for a while, Miss Baby was ready to go back  inside… a happy time was had by all, including those robins (I hope!).

I am so glad you stopped by.  To those who are regulars at Ivory Spring, you know  I do love you!  Your friendships have been invaluable to me!  To those who are new, I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Should you have a few more moments and want to look at more quilts, 99% of my quilts are documented here.

Have a happy weekend.  I will see you again on Monday!