ABC des Maisons: Part 1

Before I proceed with today’s post, I have been asked about this quilt I posted in yesterday’s post.  The quilt is called Gwendolyn Dream Garden.  It is a pattern found in my book Creative New Quilts & Projects using Precuts or Stash.  You can view all the projects in the book here.  Gwendolyn’s Dream Garden is named for Miss Baby.  She fell in love with the quilt when she saw it, and told me it reminded her of a flower garden.


Speaking of the girl, this summer has been a stitching summer for Miss Baby!  The last time you saw her completed stitched project was a few months ago… I shared about her stitched ornament.  You can read more about it here.


From the stitched ornament to this…. a full-sized sampler! And she is quite a determined stitcher too – because she is having a contest with my sister (who is stitching the same thing) to see who finishes first.  They are stitching ABC des Maisons by Prive Jardin.  You can purchase the chart here.  That’s how it’s supposed to look when it’s finished.


AND…. this is Miss Baby’s latest progres.  And she is intent on changing the colors to suit her taste. *rolling my eyes here*  Let’s just say sometimes I wish my little one would just stay inside the box, and not try to think too much outside of the box, hahaha!



Have I ever told you I have always wanted a daughter?  And I am thankful to God He gave me one.  I have enjoyed my little girl.  I missed those baby/toddler days for sure, but I have also enjoyed the more grown up version these days.  I did a double-take the two days ago when she said to me out of the blue, “Mom, I think you are the best Mom I have ever sampled.  I think I am going to keep you.”  What?!  Sampled?!

Thanks for stopping by.  I have more work to do still… Hugs to you all till next time.