… the flowers as you work with them. Take notice of their exquisite color, texture, and smells, for they are truly one of God’s most enjoyable gifts.” (Mrs. Dunwoody)

baby blanket4

It’s been rainy and gloomy over at my little part of the world. But I think the plants are really liking the rain. Other than that, I have been working on my magazine projects. I was going to show you my Christmas quilt, but I think I am going to wait till all the basting pins are out before I do so… gotta run for now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will catch up with you next week.

Setting the table just because…

tablescape thursday

… I felt like doing so, even though I was only serving roast beef, green beans and homemade rolls for dinner:

roast beef1

roast beef2

Peeling off the layers:

roast beef3

roast beef4

roast beef5

The rose sprigs are Baby Blanket from Jackson Perkins.  They are groundcover roses that have vigorously blossomed this year:

roast beef11

roast beef10

The centerpiece was quickly assembled from my Italian brass pheasants on a framed picture that I haven’t hung on the wall, fluffed up with a bit of English Ivy from the front yard.  You will notice that you have probably seen the tablecloth before.  I don’t have a large repertoire of tablecloths.  The tablecloth you see is actually my quilt that has appeared “The Quilter”:

roast beef6

roast beef7

roast beef8

roast beef9

Let’s get started with our comfort food dinner before everything turns cold, shall we?

Thanks for stopping by – Have yourself a lovely day, won’t you?  Blessing to you all!

roast beef12

Happy Mother’s Day

I dedicate this post to all mothers — those who faithfully raise their own children, and those who lovingly reach out to others and adopt them to love in their hearts as their own . Happy Mother’s Day – may you mothers be exceedingly blessed this weekend!

baby blanket3

A shade of pink peeking through…

My confidence level in gardening is still quite minimal. I never once thought the roses I had planted last fall would survive. They had arrived from the catalog company looking pitifully sickly. Then, I quickly noticed that the soil that we have might not be that conducive for roses. When the weather turned cold, the roses quickly turned downhill. So, I never once thought they would come back after the cold winter (actually, three of the six I planted didn’t make it). I have also purposely avoid checking on the part of my flower bed where the roses reside because I just knew they weren’t going to make it. Yesterday while weeding…. *gasp*…. Do you see what I saw?

These aren’t fancy roses. They are just some groundcover roses I thought I would start with to try out rose gardening. But at least the blooms are pink, and not my signature monochromatically purple, haha! But I am simply elated that the roses are blooming!

I don’t how this happens, but it seems like the past few Saturdays have been reserved for my posts on gardening. I thought I would keep up with the trend thus far, but I also know that this trend will disintegrate very quickly because there really isn’t much to tell on my front flower bed. So, if you would just play along, we will see how long this pattern lasts! :)

Take it easy, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Monday.