February & Giveaway!

Hello Friends, the sun was out today, but when I went outside briefly earlier, it was still cold… I had read a blogger express how she thought January was stolen from her [Sorry, I can’t remember whom.]  Well, I feel exactly the same way.  I thought I had all the time in the world in January to get a bunch of things checked off my to-do-list, but here it is… we are quite well into February.  And all that to say — I so do not have things together!

I have meant to have this giveaway a little earlier, but better a little late than never!  I have two copies of 2014 Mount Vernon calendar to give away.


The preservation of Mount Vernon,  the original estate of General George Washington, is entirely funded by private donations.  If you feel like it,  you may donate to the worthy cause of preserving history for the future generations here.


My first pilgrimage to Mount Vernon happened less than 6 months after I came to the States for college.  Prior to coming to the US, I vividly remember one day walking by the charred remnants of a old building on one of the streets in my home country — the old building was no longer to give way to the building of modern shops.  I felt sad because that old building wasn’t preserved.  SO… fast forward a few months when I set foot on the grounds of Mount Vernon for the very first time in my life.  My heart soared with the knowledge that the estate of George Washington had been preserved for future generations to visit and experience.  I went away feeling the grounds of Mount Vernon being sacred.  That’s the beginning of my love of Colonial America history, and as they say, the rest is “history”.


Unlike what I learned in my Civics class in a Southeast Asian primary school, the venerated general is MUCH MUCH more than just the boy who chopped down the cherry tree!  Currently at this point in my life, I marvel at his architecture prowess!

Aside from my mother’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, February also marks General Washington’s birthday to me (will be his 282nd this year!).  Click here for a short but thought-provoking read.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment between now and next Thursday (2/13/2014) on:

1.  what the month of February means to you.

2.  what you admire the most about General Washington.

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I hope you have a lovely rest of the day.  Hugs to you all.


Dishaholic Part 3: All things historic

Working on my grouse-y quilt made me all warm and fuzzy about all things historic. So for my show-and-tell today, I thought I would show you some dishes that have historic connections:

The pattern is called “Mandarin Bouquet”, a Winterthur adaptation made by Mottahedeh. The Fitzhugh border, named after an English family, was selected by George Washington for his dinner service at Mount Vernon. Spode has had a Fitzhugh line of china service in the past. The bouquet motif is from a Chinese Export porcelain punch bowl (circa 1800). I love the vibrant colors of the bouquet – I would love to interpret it for an applique quilt some day:

It all started with the lobed dish that is in front of the oval platter (in the first picture). I had received it a few years ago as a graduation gift. Over time, my husband has added the pieces occasionally as Christmas and anniversary gifts. It is not a collection that I have ferociously added myself because I think it makes it more special when my husband adds to the collection for me.

I thought I would show you some George Washington related items around the house while we are on the subject of all things historic…

A lovely coffee table book of Mount Vernon that showcases the Washington estate in various seasons:

A framed menu from the Mount Vernon Inn:

My favorite book on Washington, written by George Washington Custis, his adopted son (who happened to be the original owner of the Arlington):

The favorite Washington print in our family:

A couple of small prints issued by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association:

And finally, a few scenes of Mount Vernon:

I hope you have enjoyed my “historic” show and tell. Have yourself a very merry weekend!