Candied Pomegranate: Final Sneak Peek

Good day, Friends!  My Candied Pomegranate is finished. I didn’t plan it, but it ended up being a “Feather Fest” by the time I am done with the quilting.  Here is a sneak peek for you:

If all things considered go through, you should see this in a magazine near you late this year!  Thanks for checking in.  I hope you are having a good day.  Yours truly have been moving more slowly than usual — so, I will be late responding to your comments as well as late in visiting you!  Cheers!

Candied Pomegranate: Sneak Peek #1

Remember the pastel goodness I had shown you a few weeks ago?

I have made nine pomegranate blocks from the fabrics so far… giving the traditional green and red pomegranate blocks a whimsical and pastel twist!  Click here and here to read how I have prepped and stitched these blocks.

I am sewing the quilt top together today.  So I am going to run for now.  Have a sweet day, everyone!