Candied Pomegranate in QUILTER’S WORLD (February 2012)

The Pomegranate quilts are traditional quilts made ever since 1800’s.  Pomegranates are symbolic of love, thus are also called “love apples”.  In Jewish symbolism, pomegranates mean fertility.  Here are a few examples of antique pomegranate quilts:

[Berman Museum: Quilt-Pomegranate c.1860-1875;. Cotton fabric, thread and batting;Permanent Collection, from the Pennsylvania Folklife Society.]

[Arkansas Historic Museum, y Elizabeth Rogers Manning (or daughters Martha or Elizabeth), Cotton de laine, C. 1850, 92” x 90”]

[Indianapolis Museum of Art, Early 1900’s, Cotton Applique, 72 1/4″ x 74 1/2″]

My Candied Pomegranate quilt, featured in Quilter’s World‘s Feb 2012 issue, is an attempt to “update” the traditional quilt pattern with a fun, sweet and whimsical feel.

[Image from]

I used fabrics from Henry Glass‘ Tidbits’ collection to achieve the look I was trying to achieve.

You can see here I used fun star buttons to complete the whimsical look of the blocks.

Now to the quilting – I did feathers for the background quilting, and stitched along the applique outlines to give my applique a bit of “pop”.  The quilting thread I used is Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton (Color 2310) over Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batt.

There are more feathers quilted on the border:

I simply have to show you the sweet fabric I used for the backing:

I hope you liked my Candied Pomegranates as much as I do! :)  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely weekend.

Just in: “Cotton Candy” Fabrics

I have nicknamed these Tidbits fabrics from Henry Glass my “cotton candy” fabrics:

I have cooked up a pastel variation to a traditional quilt design that I hope will delight some of you quilters out there.  Stay tuned! :)    Now, please tell me if you are “pastel”  sort of person… I dearly want to know!