Peppermint Parcels in Quilter’s World (December 2010)

I am happy to receive in the mail my Peppermint Parcels Christmas Quilt, back from Quilter’s World.

I loved working with Henry Glass‘ Hip Holidays fabrics for the Christmas Present blocks:

I stitched “Merry Christmas” in different languages on the gift tags. The church my family went to while I was growing up, and still does, is a Chinese church. So, we would greet friends at church “Merry Christmas” in Mandarin.

[What else you can stitch on the gift tags: Names of Family Members, Names of your Quilt Guild Friends, Blessings of the Christmas season such as love, joy, peace etc, Addresses of the places you have lived if your family has moved a lot, Christmas verses you like – feel free to add more suggestions in the comment section]

This particular block was made with my Russian friend Ellen in mind. She showed me via email how Merry Christmas was written:

And this Italian block was made with my Italian friends Gloria and Monica in mind. Gloria had proof read the Italian version of “Merry Christmas” for me:

The blocks are quilted with streamers to carry on with the “Christmas presents” theme:

Additional streamers and garlands are quilted on the borders. Stringed pearls and beads are quilted on the sashing to remember my love of decorating gift parcels with streamers and ribbons etc.

Technical information: Unmarked free-motion quilting on my Bernina 640; Quilting Thread – Aurifil Mako 50; Quilt Batting – Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk (In case you haven’t already known, this is my favorite combination of thread and batting when it comes to quilting a quilt!); Fusible: Steam A Seam2 by Warm Company; Pattern – found in Quilter’s World‘s December 2010 issue; Finished size: 50″ square.

This was a super fun quilt to make. I would love to know if you do make it too! I am trying to find out if it would be possible to kit this project at this time. So if you are committed in purchasing a kit, please email me at

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day and week!

Poinsettia Parade: Final Sneak Peeks

Happy Monday, my Friends. I hope you have had a good weekend. I squeezed in some extra rest over the weekend because I wasn’t quite feeling 100%. But other than that, I had an enjoyable time catching up with some stitching. I will show you pictures later, but for now…. I am happy my Poinsettia Parade quilt is DONE!

This has been a really really fun project. I have loved the colors:

I seldom quilt with straight lines besides the regular stitching-in-the-ditches to secure the quilt sandwich, but I decided to do so for the blocks because I wanted the quilting to be a contrast against the swirly busy background:

I came across Patsy Thompson‘s website. Her innovative feather quilting really inspired me. So, I decided to try some of her hyperquilting, after reading one of her latest book (Feather Adventures) I have borrowed from my quilting teacher. You can see that my feathers are quilted with two colors: green and cream. I thought the effect was just what this quilt needed:

Here is a peek at the back:

These are all the sneak peeks I can show you for now until the quilt is officially featured in the Holiday Issue of The Quilter magazine. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

Peppermint Parcels: Final Sneak Peeks

The quilt formerly known as “Presents” is now formally known as “Peppermint Parcels”. I appreciate all your suggestions – my husband and I had a fun time discussing each name, and kind of took everyone’s suggestion and melded them into “Peppermint Parcels”.

I like the happy look of this fun Christmas quilt:

The fabrics are from Henry Glass‘ Hip Holidays. You might want to grab the fabrics as soon as they come out… I have a feeling this will be a popular one:

A few more sneak peeks for you. All the quilting was done with very minimal marking and on my home machine. As a general rule, I avoid marking my quilts for quilting because I am simply too anxious to get to the actual quilting:

The tags are embroidered with “Merry Christmas” in different languages. My handwriting is normally a little better than what is embroidered. I wanted to give a childish look to the “handwriting”. :) I didn’t do the hand stitchery before sandwiching the quilt because I wanted the stitching to add to the quilting effect – thus, the chicken scratch you see on the back of the quilt:

This one is for Gloria in Italy (she proofed my translation):

This one is for Ellen. I really wanted to include the Russian version because of her. Ellen graciously sent me the Russian way of writing “Merry Christmas”:

That’s all the sneak peeks for now. It is off to the editor until the December 2010 of Quilter’s World hits the market. Thanks for stopping by. It’s always a pleasure to have you visit.

An early start on Christmas!

I am “wrapping” my Christmas presents EARLY this year! ;) It is a bit too early to think of Christmas presents, but while working on this, I am reminded of the different “presents” we have in life…

I started this week on the next magazine Christmas project using Henry Glass‘ Hip Holiday collection. Barbara left a comment yesterday saying “… it must boggle the brain to be working on Christmas in the spring”. ” She is absolutely right. My little pea brain feels rather messed up right now!

This is my to-do list for the project, which I annotate as the project progresses so that I get everything I am supposed to do completed before sending the project sample off to the editor. My least least least favorite is step#5. I am thinking when Baby is a bit older, I might could con involve her into doing that for me! Bwahahahaha!:

I shall have more pictures to show you later! May you be reminded of a “present ” in life that brings a smile to your face today!

It’s been raining….

… fabrics, fabrics, and Christmas fabrics!Β  I got fabrics in for my Christmas magazine projects for this year.Β  So far, two will be featured in Quilter’s World using Hip Holidays and At Home for the Holidays by Henry Glass:

One will be featured in The Quilter using Noel by Benartex:

I really like opening fabric packages and seeing the fabrics I picked out in person – it’s almost like opening Christmas presents to me!!!Β  Yes, I shall have my schedule carved out for me in the next few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by.Β  I hope you have a lovely Thursday.