Free-Motion Quilted Heart Ornaments

Hello Friends, there should still be time… Today, I am sharing with you how you can practice your free-motion quilting skills on these small and quick Valentine’s Day heart ornaments.  It’s a win-win deal because you aren’t having to undertake a major project, and you will be finished with the project in a jiffy! :)


You will need a piece of cardboard to cut into the heart shape you like, pieces of fabric, batting pieces, and stuffing.  I used wool and silk batting scraps.  My heart ornaments measure at the widest 4″ and longest 5″.    The only thing I want to add to the heart shape is that you might not want a “V” to be too deep for your heart shape.  A deep “V” makes turning the heart right side out much harder later.  I ended up having to throw away my first attempt.  Oh, if you want to hang your ornaments, you will need ribbon pieces of desired length.


You would go through the steps below to complete your heart ornaments.  It’s pretty much what you would do to sew a simple square pillow ornament, except the shape of this ornament is a heart.  For the record, the pillow ornament is the only finishing technique I feel confident of doing.  I am a craft wimp!

#1.  Trace heart shape onto the front of a fabric piece.

#2.  Layer to make a mini quilt sandwich like you would normally prepare a quilt sandwich: backing fabric piece right side down, bating piece and fabric piece with traced heart right side up.

#3.   Quilt the heart with the motif of choice.  Be sure to outline quilt the heart outline you have traced earlier.   After you have quilted the heart, trim around the heart by adding approximately 1/4″ seam allowance. Below you see the quilted heart, trimmed with its edge zigzagged to reduce the bulk.


#4.  Lay the quilted heart on another piece of fabric you will use to back the pillow ornament. Trace the heart, and cut out the backing heart.

#5.  Lay backing heart and quilted heart, right sides together, with the quilted heart on top.  Sew both pieces together along the heart outline you quilted earlier, leaving an opening.  I actually sewed in the hanging loop in this step. I have seen some who sew the hanging loop after the ornament is turned right side out.  Your choice.

#6.  Turn the ornament right side out.  Stuff with stuffing.  Hand sew the opening shut.

For the quilting option, I have shown you a few options on how you are free to use to quilt your heart ornaments if you aren’t quite sure what to quilt.


I quilted my ornaments with Aurifil 50wt variegated threads to quilt the ornaments over Hobbs Tuscany silk batting scrap pieces.



Perhaps you will make some of these cute hearts for Valentine’s Day this year?  I can actually see these as Christmas ornaments as well… Happy Monday, and Happy Week!