My Patchwork Bear Family

A few years ago, we had the privilege to host a young lovely Japanese girl on an exchange program. Kumiko stayed with us for about 3 1/2 weeks. We enjoyed her tremendously because she had the cutest laugh. During her stay, I was delighted to find out that Kumiko’s mother is quite the expert in quilting and handicraft. And upon Kumiko’s return, Kumiko’s mother sent me a handmade patchwork bear.

I affectionately called my bear Lady Carlyle. With that hat, and the fact that she fits right in with my Royal Albert Lady Carlyle dishes, I just had to call her Lady Carlyle.

I received yet another package yesterday from this dear Japanese family for Christmas… imagine my utter delight and joy when I found Mr. Carlyle, and little “Carlette” in the box!!! Can you see those tiny 3/4″ patchwork squares that made up the outfits of these darling bears? Now my patchwork bear family is complete, representing me, my husband and Miss Baby!

Okay, there’s a very subtle reason why the Miss Baby Bear is placed closer to the Daddy Bear.  Miss Baby is going through a “I love Daddy more” phase at the moment.  Many have asked if I am okay with it.  I am totally fine with it.  I think it’s sweet.  I have always prayed for Miss Baby to have a close relationship with my husband, and so I rejoiced at the answered prayer:

I can still scarcely believe a Japanese lady whom I have never met in my life would spend precious time making such darling gifts for my family just because we kept her daughter for a few weeks.   Needless to say, I am immensely touched.

Kumiko included this note?  Do I like it?  NO!  I love, love, love it!

I have kept in touch with Kumiko all these years upon her return to Japan.  There’s actually a sequel to this story:  We had such a great experiencing having Kumiko live with us that we decided to host another student.  Well, this time, things didn’t turn out so good.  In fact, it was disastrous.  So the sequel  to the first sequel is that we haven’t done any hosting since.   But I am thinking about doing it again when Miss Baby is a bit older.

Now, my nosy mind wants to know if you have had any experience past or present hosting someone international in your home.

Thanks for stopping by.  I want you to know that I might have be slow in getting back with you for the next few weeks.  Please know that I appreciate your comments, and will try hard to respond to your comments and emails.