Twilight Trails Sneak Peek #1

blue monday

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you had a good weekend, and am looking forward to another new week. I had mentioned to you that I got a bit carried away when designing a quilt using the Northcott Twilight Garden fabrics. Upon completing the applique of 224 leaves on the quilt top, I worked on my piecing my fancy schmancy border. It didn’t look all that hard from the design on my computer screen, but it is a different matter entirely in real life. It took me quite a few hours to make the border happen. So, I present you a sneak peak of the complete quilt top with the fancy schmancy border:


The quilt will be quilted by yours truly on a domestic machine this week, and will hopefully reach the editor’s desk at The Quilter at the appointed time! This quilt is scheduled for the May 2010 issue in The Quilter.

May your week unfold into a week of all plesantness. Please check back later for my giveaway post on this Thursday.

A cheerful pillow!

I don’t know why it took me so long to complete this pillow project that’s supposed to be simple and quick!!!


I finally hunkered down and made the pillow form myself instead of buying one at the store. And, voila – the pillow is completely completed – ready to be given to a friend for her belated birthday gift!



I really like the cheerful colors. Plus, being able to finish a “Work-in-Progress” project always makes me feel CHEERFUL for the weekend. Therefore, I also want to wish you lots of cheer this weekend! I will see you next week.