Now my dots….

… are back with me!  I received my Joseph’s Pinwheels quilt back from the editor this week.  It’s great to have my dots back! :)

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

p.s.  Nosy mind wants to know if you watched the Royal Wedding.  What is/are your favorite part(s)?

HIS & HERS (baby style)

Here they are, side by side! HIS and HERS…. what do you think?

I had posted a few sneak peeks for you on the pink version. Now, I am going to show you a few more sneak peeks on the blue version.

I talked at length about the things I did while handling these flannel fabrics. The other thing I forgot to mention is that I had had no problem doing a double-fold binding on these quilts. I pretty much did things as I normally do for the regular quilting cotton fabrics I use in all my other quilts.

Someone had asked if I pre-washed the fabrics. The answer is no for these, mainly because I was afraid that the stripe fabrics would go wonky on me. I thought that I would probably less likely to have problems after the stripe pieces are sewn in place.  I have heard that it’s really not a problem to not prewash the fabrics, but then I have heard otherwise as well. We shall see. I think I would probably hand wash (rather than machine wash) them once I get them back from the editor.

I kept the quilting scheme almost the same for both the pink and blue versions. All quilting was done unmarked and free-hand on my home machine for those who are new visitors. I share that with you because I want you to be know that it is possible to quilt using your home machine.

You have got to see these fabrics!!! They are coming out this September by RJR. Keep your eyes peeled – especially if you are a Mom/Grandma/Aunt-to-be. They will be perfect for a warmer quilt for the colder months end of this year!  Pattern for the quilts will be featured in the November issue of Love of Quilting.

That’s all for the sneak peeks until these quilts are returned to me from the editor’s des.  Have a great weekend.  I will catch up with you again next Monday.