Decorating with Cornucopia

History of Cornucopia excerpted from Wikipedia:

[The cornucopia (Latin: Cornu Copiae) is a symbol of food and abundance dating back to the 5th century BC, also referred to as horn ‘o’ plenty, Horn of Amalthea, and harvest cone

In modern depiction, the cornucopia is typically a hollow, horn-shaped wicker basket typically filled with various kinds of festive fruit and vegetables. In North America, the cornucopia has come to be associated with Thanksgiving and the harvest.]

I have given my cornucopia a slight twist – I filled it with a floral arrangement accented by berries and real pheasant feathers:

This cornucopia is one of my favorite pieces from the Spode Woodland collection. I have had it for quite a few years, and it sometimes stays as a regular fixture in my home decor even beyond the fall/winter seasons. Fall is my husband’s favorite season, and I am always anxious to try out fall things to make the season special for him. The only thing that I am really lacking is a fall-theme quilt — one of these days, I promise myself. :)

Thank you for looking at my cornucopia. I hope you have a bountiful day!

Flower Power Continues…

I had told you that I would try to track down more pictures of the floral arrangements I had made for my brother’s wedding.  Thanks to my sister, here are some new ones –

1.  This is the centerpiece for the head table.  I wish there were some frontal shots, but I don’t:

2.  A nice shot of the pedestal floral arrangement for one of the guest tables:

Here are some pictures from the original Flower Power post:

I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead of you!

Flower Power

While I was working to overcome the setbacks and challenges in my “challenge-within-challenge” quilt, I thought of something that had cheered me up — FLOWERS! Here are pictures of some floral arrangements I had done for my brother’s wedding reception last year.

The total height of these pedestal floral arrangements is about 36 inches! I thought they were imposingly beautiful – and that was the effect I was going after. I ended up making four of these because that was all the rental place had. They were placed at the eye-catching tables scattered at four different corners to wow the guests as they entered the reception room.

At the house:

The actual event:

These were from the wedding ceremony itself, done by another lady. I “consolidated” and “re-arranged” after we took them home from the church. Can you believe I had to break out my 24″ punch bowl to fit all these flowers?

I am still trying to hunt down pictures of the other floral arrangements. I will post them later when I do. Who can subdue the power of flower? I love working with fresh flowers for floral arrangements except I don’t like the accompanying mess. You can imagine the mess in the aftermath of making those four huge pedestal display, seven regular arrangements to fit in wine buckets, and another wide-spreading display for the head table — I was fortunate, my Dad cleaned it all up for me!!! I was super-thankful!

Have a wonderfully flowery day, everyone! Till next time!

Fragrance for free, anyone?

Okay, this isn’t exactly a gardening post that is directly related to me because I hadn’t planted these beauties. My husband pointed out to me at some bushes that were blooming way out there from our backyard (well, not quite, but it would be the furthest I had to venture out from our deck). I found to my very pleasant surprise they are rose bushes! They are big, and there are three of them, and they are profusely covered with these fragrant dainty little blooms:

This is to show you just how challenging the terrain is for my venture out there… just kidding! :) But we do have a little creek that runs along the back. See the white patches in the bottom right corner – those are the start of the rose blooms:

Of course, I took full advantage of these fragrant beauties:

My husband made my day when he pointed me to these roses. We were marveling how well these roses grow with no care, no special feeding or spraying… nothing! And yet the Heavenly Father takes care of them. I quote from Matthew 6:28b-29: “See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” How true the words ring concerning these roses!

Have a fabulous weekend, my bloggy friends. I will be back Monday!

p.s. I would appreciate it very much if anyone could tell me what kind of roses these are! The blooms are roughly 1″ across, and they are very fragrant, almost like lilac.