Sharing the warmth

I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are keeping warm these days, if not, you are welcome to come and share the warmth in the tent with Miss Baby’s fancy schmancy camp fire!


The felt fire and the logs were lovingly handmade by my sister, whom we think is the best and coolest aunt around!  You know how I love to surround Miss Baby with things made for her by those who love her… this camp fire combo is a very much appreciated addition, just like the felt cake my sister had sent Miss Baby around this time last year.  We have devoured the cake time and again on picnics, tea parties etc… the cake slices are a little worn now, but still much loved!  Click here to view more pictures of the cake!


Between the two of us, my sister is actually the more adventurous and exciting one where needles are concerned.  She is never afraid to try out a new hobby, and is never hesitant when it comes to ditching the hobby if that’s not her thing.  So I am always curious to hear what she is up to…

Thanks for popping by.  Do stay warm, friends – though you are still welcome to join Miss Baby and I in the tent roasting some marshmallows! :)