SPRING SONG in Fall Quilt Market

The super nice folks at Benartex sent me a picture of my SPRING SONG quilt displayed at their booth during the Fall Quilt Market. You can see in the background and foreground other projects made with Nancy Halverson’s Forever Spring fabrics by Benartex – the same ones I used to make Spring Song.Β  Wouldn’t you like to be the one for making the booth happen playing with all the props and accessories?

The picture also came with this super nice little note: “… your Forever Spring quilt was a HUGE hit. We got many complements about it.” I am by no means a big fish in the HUGE world of quilting (I am of amoeba grade in ranks), and my little Spring Song was one of thousands that were displayed at Quilt Market last weekend. But I am more than pleased that there were people that liked it! It made me feel like I did do something right. :)

Spring Song is tentatively going through some changes for Version 2 for a possible feature in a magazine. More details to come if that’s indeed the case. Gotta run – I am under the gun to get my current project OUT asap. Later!