More Giveaway (Destash) News — Happy Monday, and Hello — my name is…

… Wendy Sheppard, the rather accidental quilter!  I want to welcome my new followers following me in the last few months!  I hope you have enjoyed your visits to my blog.  Since there have been quite a few Ivory Spring friends of late, I thought I would take a moment to share a few things about myself.


#1.  I didn’t start off thinking, wanting or imagining to be a quilter.  You can read about my quilting journey here, and why I quilt here.


#2.  I am passionate about domestic machine quilting, but I have also learned this year to enjoy piecing!  More about that in an upcoming post!  I currently have 5 Annie’s different online /video machine quilting classes – check out the sidebar for more information on each of the machine quilting classes.

#3.  I am more a thread-aholic than I am a fabric-aholic!  I am definitely a dish-aholic!

My thread-aholism has landed me in a couple of “mug shots”…



#4.  At any given day, I would rather rip out ALL the seams of a completed quilt top than clean and shine my glass top stove!

#5.  I like to design quilts that ONLY look complicated, but are really easy to put together. :)

#6.  And right now, I am in the process of doing a major de-stashing project.  I am in the process of giving away 80% of my fabric stash.  Come back later this week and I will show you pictures of the fabrics I did keep for myself.  I just sent out an email to those who made it to my Waiting List #2, and I will be sending out another email soon for those who made it to Waiting List #3.  I think my fabric stash is mysteriously multiplying!

#7.  My favorite cookies are oatmeal raisins!  I can’t be left alone with them.


Meanwhile, the following photo shows copies of quilting publications that have published my work.


Duplicate copies of magazines have accumulated over the years.  I am giving away these duplicate magazine issues.  I can fit 3-4 (depending on the magazines) in a USPS Priority Envelope for $9. [If you have received my fabric boxes, you will know I don’t skim, hehe!]  I have enough to send to 20 of you if you are interested.  Please email me at and write “Magazine De-Stash” in the subject line!  Please note that I can only guarantee you will have at least ONE magazine issue that will have my design in it.  


And lastly, I am happy to announce Marty won the Adventures in Hexagons book giveaway!  Congrats, Marty.  I have emailed to ask for your mailing address.  Please respond, and I will pass on the info to get the book mailed out to you. :)  I ran out of time getting my hexagon project completed due to some very intense and unexpected workload.  So my part is forthcoming!  Meanwhile, I hope you will pick up at copy of my friend Emily’s book!


Thanks for stopping by… and have a lovely rest of your week!