Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you had a lovely Father’s Day weekend.

I am happy to share with you today Fanciful, one of three “real” quilts included in my DVD or online machine quilting class, Machine Quilting Level 2, offered by Annies, with which you can practice the quilting skills you learn from the class presentation.  You will receive complete instructions, as well as full-sized applique templates, on how to construct the quilt top for Fanciful with the purchase of the class.


In constructing Fanciful, I mixed regular cotton quilting fabrics with batiks to see if I would like the effect.  The star blocks and the white and light taupe you see are of regular cotton quilting fabrics, while the rest are batik fabrics.  I have to say I am really pleased with the visual effect of mixing batiks and regular cotton fabrics in the same quilt. And of course, this exclusive project was designed with LOTS of quilting opportunities in mind… thus the vast expanse of negative space!



You will be able to see the quilting close-up in the class presentation toward the conclusion of the class as I walk you through on how I quilted all three of the real quilt projects presented in the class.





If you have been visiting here for a while, you will know that I am an Aurifil addict, specifically for their Mako 50 weight thread, with which I had quilted nearly all my quilts, including Fanciful. The batting used for this quilt is Hobbs Tuscany silk batting.



You may click here for a free preview of the class.  Of course, if you have any questions – you know where to find me. :)  I hope you are having a good summer.


We are traipsing about here and there… while I am attempting to find time to work on some very exciting things for the coming Fall and the coming year.


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!

Annie’s Online Class: Machine Quilting Level 2 & Giveaway!

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you have had a good week – so, what’s in store for the weekend? It’s been a rushed week for me trying to meet a few deadlines before Memorial Day weekend! Today I would like to share a little more with you about my Annie’s Online Machine Quilting Level 2 Class.

Level2This class builds on the foundational skills established in the first Annie’s online class Learn to Machine Quilt, which focuses on getting quilters used to moving the quilt sandwich by introducing carefully selected motifs that quilters can practically quilt on their quilts.  Click here to explore more about this first class.  To my absolute delight, many who took the class told me they have greatly benefited from the class, and are ready to take their machine quilting skills to the next level.  So, drawing from my own machine quilting journey, Annie’s and I worked together on Machine Quilting Level 2.

If you liked the format of the first class, you will have no trouble following this second class.  The second class follows closely the format of the first class – a short show and tell of real life quilts, short lectures on each motif, actual doodling of each motif captured on screen, and this time, we will go through all the steps in quilting the class project.


Here are a couple of still shots from the class:



If you follow along, you will have opportunities in trying out MANY motifs —

1.  Swirly Flower: perfect for an allover quilting motif


2.  Swirly Variations: work for borders, sashings, and easily personalized by adding your own what-nots between swirls.


3.  Pool Reflections: work for small areas (easily extended to large if desired) and borders


4.  Snaky Spirals


5.  Little S’s: My way to quilt McTavishing


6.  Sushi rolls – a very forgiving motif perfect for quilting borders, as well as all over the quilt top


7.  Mark without marking Quilting – easy if quilting simple shapes, but will also have tips for quilting complex shapes using this method


8.  And…. FEATHERS!!!!  I mean FEATHERS: the basic feathering principles are covered in this class.


9.  Options in border treatments:  hopefully this will jumpstart for you many more options!





Annie’s classes, whether in online or DVD format, are wonderful because they are yours to keep forever once purchased.  The other thing is that you can re-watch any segments as many times as you wish, and consequently attempt to quilt any motif you choose and not necessarily follow the order as presented in the class.   You will also receive supplementary class notes consisting instructions to construct the projects.  And of course, you will be able to interact with me should you have any questions.  You know where to find me anyway. :)


If you prefer the class in DVD format, they are now available as well.  Some friends just told me they purchased the DVD’s, and are liking them.


All the quilts you see in this class are constructed and quilted using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 cotton thread!  I have been most gratified when quilters I have met recently in person tell me how they switched to using Aurifil’s thread because of me, and more importantly how Aurifil threads have made them happier quilters!!!  Truer words have never been said — Aurifil has definitely made me the happiest of quilters!  A big thank you to Bernina for letting me use their 560B machine in the filming of this class.

Machine Quilting Level 2 class also comes with three (!) exclusively designed projects for the students to apply the quilting skills they acquire from working through the class project.  I will show before the end of the class how I have quilted these three “wow” projects – a pieced runner, an applique topper and a WOW/Medallion quilt.  I will also be posting about each project in separate posts.




Now for the GIVEAWAY:  Between now and May 25, you will have a chance to win a copy of the Machine Quilting Level 2 DVD — just leave a comment in the comment section.  Winner will be announced on May 28.

Meanwhile, you can:

click here to preview and purchase Learn to Machine Quilt online class

click here to preview and purchase Learn to Machine Quilt DVD

click here to preview and purchase Machine Quilting Level 2 online class

click here to preview and purchase Machine Quilting Level 2 DVD

Besides frantically working on my Aussie-bound quilt, I am also working on a few new projects.  Stay tuned for details! Thank you for dropping in.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!  See you next week.

Announcing Annie’s MACHINE QUILTING LEVEL 2 class

Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by.  I hope you are doing well.  I have waited rather impatiently to share with you the news, and I can finally do so!  Many of you had written to ask if there is going to be a follow-up class on my Learn to Machine Quilt (a best-seller) class…

Learn to Machine Quilt

Learn to Quilt 2

learn to machine quilt

Now, I can finally share with you there IS a follow-up class!  But before that, please allow me to take the opportunity to announce the winner of my most recent Learn to Machine Quilt giveaway!  The winner is #85: dandish074 — an email is sent to you! :)  Congrats and Happy Quilting.

Without further delay… please allow me to introduce to you Machine Quilting Level 2!



In this class, you will get to see a bit of show-and-tell of my existing quilts for inspiration. Then, we will explore more quilting motifs by making this class sample by stitching EVERYTHING you see on the sample!


and what do you know…?  We will finally get to touch on FEATHER QUILTING!  Many many of you have written to ask about a feather quilting class.  While this class isn’t exclusively on feather quilting, we will at least get you started on your own feathering journey!


The online class is yours to keep once you purchase it, and you may view the class as often as you wish, anytime you wish.  The class material comes with diagrams showing stitching paths of the motifs, as well as instructions to make 3 additional (!) exclusive projects, including an applique and pieced medallion quilt that I had nicknamed the WOW project for the class.  You will get to see close-up on how I have quilted each project to give you an idea how you might want to quilt those projects and make your own masterpieces!







I will have more close-up pictures of the quilting on each project to share with you in the near future.  So stay tuned. Meanwhile, Annie’s is running a 3-day discount special for the launching of the class.  Between now through April 4, 2015, you will get a 20% discount if you sign up for the online streaming class!  Enter keycode: EADMACH.


Thank you for stopping by.  And I do hope that you will let me be your quilting buddy by signing up for Machine Quilting Level 2 class, or Learn to Machine Quilt if you are just now starting to dabble in domestic machine quilting.

Let me hear from you, Dear Friends.  I hope you have a lovely rest of your week.  I’d better run, there are still things to be checked of on my mile-long list. :)  Love you all!


p.s.  If you would like to receive my machine quilting class postcards (with $5 off coupon, and both classes) for any of your guild events and gatherings and meetings, please email me!  I can arrange and have them sent directly to you.  I know they are going out to groups that have requested them.