Sweet Inspiration in QUILTER’S WORLD’s (August 2012)

I showed you these Sugar Rush fabrics by RJR Fabrics a couple of months ago, with sneak peeks of the quilt.  Click here to see the full fabric range.

And now, I am able to show you the entire quilt!  This quilt majors in quick and easy construction for a speedy quilting fix and finish!

[Image Source: Quilter’s World]

The quilt feature the different “sweets” within the framed blocks.  The effect is kind of like seeing candies and desserts on mail catalog pages.

Miss Baby fell in love with the “pupcake quilt” instantly (as she calls it) when I showed it to her!  She has been sleeping with the quilt every night.  I have been trying to photography this quilt for weeks, but it was a little tricky for the quilt to get a few free moments for some serious photo shoot.  Here are a few shots I managed to capture:

You will see in the following pictures of the quilt with the actual magazine spread.  “Are you expecting a separate box with those cupcakes?” was my husband’s response after he scanned the magazine pages featuring the quilt.

Quilting was kept informal and simple because of the lighthearted design.  I used Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton to quilt over Hobbs‘ Silk batting.

Take a look at the cherry-filled back of the quilt!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are enjoying your summer/winter so far.  Hugs to you all.

Before you leave, do tell me your favorite dessert/sweet – I am dying to know! :)