Fruit Picks and Window Treatment

Fruit picks — you know, those you pick up at craft or discount stores for fifty cents or less when they go on sale during the holiday season?! They are used to decorate a wreath or anything you want to do some perking up. I had used these picks to…

… perk up my patriot swag. I had bought these years ago thinking that I would used them for decorating wrapped gifts. I think I did use some of them, but I still have some left. So, I tied them to my swag instead of using tassels:

Well, in case you are wondering why there are no picks in the center two panels… it’s because I only have 5 picks for the 6 panels I have to perk up. The store from which I bought these picks doesn’t carry them anymore. So, to maintain the sense of symmetry, I did the rest except for the center two. I suppose I could just go to the craft store and pick up any picks and spray paint them gold, but first, I have to overcome my stickler for all things having to be uniform… ;) Meanwhile, I keep hoping I would find that lonely and forgotten pick somewhere in the house. Pathetic, you say – and you are absolutely RIGHT! :)

Moral of the post – women can be the most innovative creatures – we often find uses for things other than they are intended in the home, don’t you think?! :) I would love to hear from you if you have used these fruit picks for innovative and interesting purposes.

Thank you for visiting – I hope you have a safe and wonderful day, till next time!

p.s. From experience, do allow way more time than stated on the pattern package to make the swag. I think the pattern said it would take two hours to make the swag. I think just the cutting took me almost two hours. It’s no fun having to deal with a length of seven yards when one doesn’t have that long of a cutting surface. It took me more like seven hours to complete the project from start to finish. But it only cost me around $35 for the material (Waverly at that!) as opposed to the range of $150-$300 to have it made.