“But grow…

… in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”

(2 Peter 3:18)


I took this picture when I finally had a chance to work in my pitiful looking flower bed. I had feared that the ice storm we experienced earlier this year had killed my Jude the Obscure (my one and only David Austtin), but to my absolute delight, it is growing quite well and budding profusely:


I hope these babies continue to grow, and will give me some of these in a few weeks:





Then, I will be a very happy girl!  Have a marvelous weekend, everyone.  I am always glad you choose to stop by.  Do drop me a line so that I can visit you back.


I am by no means a rose gardening expert. In fact, this is my very first year attempting to keep just ONE rose bush alive through the growing season. So far, my David Austin Jude the Obscure has done beyond my expectations. I am absolutely delighted that it has flowered non-stop since we brought it home in the spring, and what has really thrilled me has been the individuality of each rose bloom. Each is ever so slightly different in shape and shade from the others. Here are some shots I was able to capture whenever I am out and about working in my flower bed:

And the latest from this morning:

I can promise you NO Photoshop operations have been performed to alter the colors of these blooms! I am reminded that God has made and gifted each of His children with individual beauty, just like these rose blooms. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Have a wonderful wonderful (and perhaps even rosy) weekend, my bloggy friends! Just be assured that each of you are special in your own way!

I am so happy because…

… my David Austin Jude the Obscure is STILL blooming in the heat of summer, and it’s been HOT! The picture below was taken this morning when I returned from the Post Office. I love the open, but not quite open look of this particular blossom. And, and… don’t you just love the different shades of peach playing out among the petals?

My gardening history is such that I have killed more plants than I have successfully planted. So, now you know why I am SO happy! You may read more of my gardening posts here.

It’s been so fun chatting with you this week, my bloggy friends. I hope you are having a blast this weekend – whatever you are doing. I will be back on Monday! :)

Apricot Pretties

My one and only David Austin rose bush, Jude the Obscure, has so far brought much delight into my life. I love the apricot colored blossoms that would soon fade into a lighter and much softer shade.

These darling blooms have done great things to my confidence as a novice gardener. However, I do have a slight problem… my groundcover roses that are supposed to be blooming from spring to fall are NOT doing anything as far as blooming goes. They seem to be content only in being photosynthesis factories — anyone has any idea as to why that is? This novice gardener is getting a bit concerned.:(

Have a pretty weekend, everyone.  I will see you again on Monday!

While they are bursting at the seams…

I am definitely bursting with excitement because my last count of buds is close to 40 (40!!! The newbie gardener asks, “Can that be true?”):

You see, this is my first ever bona fide rose bush. I had bought it at the nursery two weeks ago. My heart went out to this bush simly because of its name — “Jude the Obscure“. My heart was moved with pity and really wanted to bring it out of obscurity…. okay, end of my melodrama! Truth be known, I couldn’t make up my mind which bush to buy (imagine that, there were only about five different types of David Austin rose bushes at the nursery, and I couldn’t make up my mind!). Once again, my husband gallantly came to my rescue and made the decision for me. We love the color; we love the shape; we definitely love the scent.

What fascinates me is the drastic color changes these rose blossoms undergo. I am showing you two different blossoms on a particular day (again, the newbie gardener asks, “Is that normal?”):

Just one day later (taken at the same time of day as the previous day), these blossoms became:

Then, they “matured” into this subdued shade of subtle apricot, cloaked in an unmistakable air of elegance:

I hope I would be able to keep this rose bush alive and well through this growing season, and hopefully by then, I will feel much more comfortable and confident in venturing out even further in this business call rose gardening. Don’t get me wrong, I love the end results (beautiful rose blooms). I am just a little uncertain about my care-taking skills! :)

It’s been fun chatting with you my bloggy friends. I will be back on Monday. Meanwhile, have a blessed weekend!