Cream Soup for One Tablescape

tablescape thursday

I set a cream soup tray for one since I was dining by myself:

jude tablescape1

jude tablescape2

I absolutely loved the shape of the cream soup bowl.  The handles make me want to sit up a little straighter and mind my table manners a little better.  Here, the cream soup bowl is sitting on a cream soup stand, which in turn sits on a salad plate, which in turn sits on a silverplate filigree tea tray for a layered effect:

jude tablescape3

Of course, with a pattern like Lady Carlyle that exudes the beauty of an English garden, we have to have some kind of rose accent!  I am sorry I only have blossoms from my one and only Jude rose bush to impress myself and you.  It would have been nice to have a St. Cecelia, or Queen of Sweded to match that cupped rose in the center of the soup bowl.  But for now, my Jude would have to do:

jude tablescape4

jude tablescape5

jude tablescape6

Some accessories to go with the tablescape – a Florentine glass goblet, Lady Carlyle salt and pepper shakers, and Lady Carlyle napkin.  I had bought the Lady Carlyle fabric in my pre-quilting days.  Now, I wish I had bought more of the fabric to make a quilt:

jude tablescape7

jude tablescape8

jude tablescape9

Of course, when I eat alone, I have to have something to read… in this rosy setting, what can be more apt than the David Austin rose catalog?

jude tablescape 10

Just to set the record straight, I rarely set the table when I eat alone (or Vicki would surely prohibit me from ever joining her Craft Week, hehe.  I am just giving Vicki a hard time).  But once in a blue moon when the mood strikes…. I do indulge and make myself feel extra-special by setting the table just for ME!

Thank you for stopping by.  I wish you a wonderful day!

Beauty Unraveling

My Jude is reveling in the cool early June weather we have had. I happened to stumble upon a few rose blossoms that were in the process of stretching their petals and unraveling their beauty:

Jude 15


Pretty soon, my Jude will not enjoy the warmer weather that keeps on getting warmer as much. The blooms will be smaller, and won’t look as perky. So, I am glad I was able to capture the shots I just showed you.


I hope your day goes well for you. I should have some quilting pictures to show you tomorrow. Meanwhile, today is the last day for you to help me name this quilt. These are what I have so far to give away to the one who came up with the “winning”name. I am sure I will have a couple more things to add to the stash:


Spring picture with autumny implications

Vicki graciously did a color palette for me on one of my Jude the Obscure shots:

Jude_PaletteRevisiting the picture with the color palettes makes me think that these colors would make a great color combination for an autumn quilt.  I don’t have an autumn quilt, and have always wanted to make one.   These colors gave me a lot of ideas.    So I am off to a search for a quilt pattern!!!

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

Blooms and Blocks!

Thank you for your kind comments on my Jude the Obscure blooms in yesterday’s post. I brought the cut roses to present to my dear friend, and I was very happy that she found the roses delightful! Here are a few more shots for the weekend:

first blooms9
first bloosm10

I agree with Raeann – my Jude the Obscure is anything but obscure!

first blooms20

first blooms11

Meanwhile, I have also been making these blocks for my next quilt. They were so much fun, and quick too. I was thinking as I was making them that I might even be early for my deadline this time. Now, that would be a much welcomed change from my usual style of running behind.

Park Lane2

That’s all for now, my dear bloggy friends. I wish you a restful weekend. See you next week!

First Blooms

I showed you my Jude the Obscure “bud-dies” a couple of weeks ago:


This week, many of the buddies have turned into full-fledged blossoms. I am prodigiously excited:

first blooms1
first blooms2

first blooms3

first blooms4

Since I only have this one English Rose bush, I left most of the blooms on the bush except for a few for a friend later today:

first blooms5

The blooms are fragrant. Somehow the fragrance is more subtle than heady, as compared to last year (maybe we’ve been getting too much rain? I don’t know). But combined with the fragrance of these Cath Kidston bath melts my cousin has gifted me, the smell is simply…. heavenly!

first blooms6
first blooms7

first blooms8

As always, thank you for stopping by.  I know many of you are getting ready for the weekend.  I wish you a meaningful Memorial Day weekend.

“But grow…

… in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”

(2 Peter 3:18)


I took this picture when I finally had a chance to work in my pitiful looking flower bed. I had feared that the ice storm we experienced earlier this year had killed my Jude the Obscure (my one and only David Austtin), but to my absolute delight, it is growing quite well and budding profusely:


I hope these babies continue to grow, and will give me some of these in a few weeks:





Then, I will be a very happy girl!  Have a marvelous weekend, everyone.  I am always glad you choose to stop by.  Do drop me a line so that I can visit you back.


I am by no means a rose gardening expert. In fact, this is my very first year attempting to keep just ONE rose bush alive through the growing season. So far, my David Austin Jude the Obscure has done beyond my expectations. I am absolutely delighted that it has flowered non-stop since we brought it home in the spring, and what has really thrilled me has been the individuality of each rose bloom. Each is ever so slightly different in shape and shade from the others. Here are some shots I was able to capture whenever I am out and about working in my flower bed:

And the latest from this morning:

I can promise you NO Photoshop operations have been performed to alter the colors of these blooms! I am reminded that God has made and gifted each of His children with individual beauty, just like these rose blooms. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Have a wonderful wonderful (and perhaps even rosy) weekend, my bloggy friends! Just be assured that each of you are special in your own way!