Creative New Quilts & Projects Project Highlight #3: Crossings (Cover Quilt)


Hello Friends, I hope you had a wonderful time wrapping your last year end and stellar start to your new year!  I have appreciated all the New Year wishes you have sent my way!  You all are sweet.  Let’s start off our new year at Ivory Spring with something colorful, shall we?


There was not much doubt in our minds (mine and my publisher’s) that this quilt would probably be the book cover quilt as soon as it was completed.  The quilt very effectively captured my love for colors.  I think I have mentioned to you I am not classically trained in art, and so, I actually do not use a color wheel to pick colors for my designs.  I have a rather haphazard approach when it comes to incorporating colors in my quilt – I just throw them all in to see what I get.  BUT, I do make sure I use a ground color or two to balance out all the colors.  In my Crossings quilt, I used a really light gray that is almost white.


This quilt is made with fat quarters from Quilting Treasures’ basic lines – Lola Textures and Quilting Temptations.  I actually really like designing with basic fabric lines.  You can see the actual fabrics I use better in the picture below. You will also be able to see the really light gray polka dot fabric I used as the ground fabric.  It is the soft gray mini dot fabric from Quilting Treasures’ Sorbet collection.  Do check with your local fabric stores to see if they carry these very versatile fabrics.  Nonetheless, I imagine you can easily come up with substitutes to make your own colorful Crossings quilt!  I want to talk to you if you are going to use batiks!


I am not sure if you remembered my “Engineer vs. Artist” post from last year.  Well, my Crossings quilt was the battleground where the battle between the Engineer and Artist took place within in.  You can read more about it here.  In the end, I am really glad the Artist won in quilting this quilt.  The entire quilt is free-motion quilted with my Roundabout Feathers, only placed randomly all over the quilt.  The stitching path and schematic of the basic Roundabout Feathers are included in the book.


Here are a few pictures of the quilt front.




I used Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads to quilt over Hobbs Tuscany silk batting.  The slight poof from the feather quilting over the silk batting complemented the quilt top colors nicely.


I thought I would also point out to you the yellow thread I used to quilt the quilt instead of the tone-on-tone light gray or white.   Nowadays, I have pretty much used slightly contrasting threads against the quilt fabrics for added visual interest in the final quilt.  So, don’t be afraid to buy color threads when you out shopping. :)  The thread color below looks almost taupe-ish, but it is yellow!


Speaking of slightly contrasting quilting, have you checked out my Subtle Strings collection that has all my favorite quilting colors?  These shades work equally well for hand applique.  I am working on a hand applique project in my spare spare time… I will share pictures once I get enough done, and guess what thread I am using for the hand applique?  :)


Click here to read more about my book Creative New Quilts & Projects from Precuts or Stash.  Do also send me pictures of your quilts made from patterns in the book.  I always love to see your projects.

Before I sign off for today, I thought I would share another picture from my artist-in-residence. :)


Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Monday, and Happy Week!  Blessings to you all.

November Desktop Wallpaper: Care for a Cuppa?

Hello Friends, November is just right around the corner.  My publisher, Landauer Publishing, is featuring my Coffee Cup wallhanging, Care for a Cuppa?, in the desktop wallpaper they are offering for November.

cuppa TRY


Click here to find out more!

Complete pattern instructions to make this “kitchen and breakfast nook friendly” wallhanging are in my book Creative New Quilts & Projects.  

Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!  And…. please tell me the # of cups of coffee/tea you drink to keep you functioning each day!

A simple Math equation…

Creative New Quilts & Projects is official – copies of the book hope to be on their way to you!


I was unpacking copies of my new book Creative New Quilts & Projects, and saw the very scientific Math equation on the back cover , haha!  I got quite a chuckle out of it.  I am touched that my publisher stands by the accuracy and validity of the equation!

back cover

And here is Spring Basket, one of the book projects.

Spring Basket

I will post more up-close pictures once I get all my projects return to me after Market.  Meanwhile, these are what I have on hand.




You may purchase the book from:

  1. Landauer by click here.
  2. Me directly for $21.95 + $5.75 (USPS Priority Envelope).  I am happy to sign the book for you.  Please email me directly, and tell me if you want me to send you a paypal invoice, or if you want to send your payment with a check.  And we will go from there.
  3. Amazon here.
  4. Crafter’s Choice here.
  5. Your local quilt shop!

How do you like Spring Basket?  I can see it done with fall colors, as well as Christmas!

I will post more about the book in the near future.  So far, the following are the projects I have shared about, and there are definitely MORE to come!

cuppa TRY


Thank you for stopping by!  I will catch up with you later!  And… definitely more to come about the book! Meanwhile, would you spread the word?

Fabric Showcase: Windham’s Shirt & Tie & Giveaway

Hello Friends, I hope you are having a good weekend.  I actually logged a total of 10 hours of sleep last night.  Friday nights have turned into my “chat” night with Miss Baby.  We get in our PJ’s, and hop in bed at 8pm, and Miss Baby immediately launches into all the dramas that unfolded at school the past week.  And after the chat, we go to sleep! See how wild my Friday nights get?  And last night, I decided to turn off my alarm just because I thought I deserve a night of sleep without the alarm clock waking me up!

SO here I am… I am happy to showcase Windham’s Shirt & Tie collection today!  Click here to view all the fabrics, and to check if your favorite local quilt shops are carrying the fabrics.  This fabric lines come in amazing options: red, blue, aqua, green, olive, yellow, fuchsia and gray!


I see lots of possibilities with Shirt & Tie, interjecting the different colors in a quilt for a fun and striking look.  I personally love working with collections that look more like the “basic” lines carried by the fabric companies.  In fact, many of your favorites have been made/designed with these kind of basic line-liked/blender fabrics, like both the cover quilts of both of my books so far.

00 RAQCover


Then, we have Star Struck (2015 Benartex Fan Favorite)

High Res_3b_73 x 73

Sherry’s Stars (Quilters Newsletter, October/November 2015)


Exclamation Point (Quilts and More, Spring 2015)


Color Burst  (QUILT, June/July 2013) — also known as my Iron Man quilt.


Petals & Matrix Log Cabin Quilt 5 in 1 — you will probably notice that the two quilts following this one are designed with the same fabrics — and you would bright.  I actually have a 4th quilt made and designed with the same fabrics.  I am just waiting for the green light to make it public.

Design 1b_51 x 57_High Res

Plain & Fancy BOM (no longer offered)

BOM_Applique_High Res

Calico Trail (featured in award-winning Recreating Antique Quilts)


So now you know why I see Shirt & Tie as fabrics for the possibilities!! :)  The moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to stock up on basic-looking fabrics, I guess!


It’s gray, dark and stormy outside — we are still getting the rain, and a bit of wind due to the hurricane!  So, I am giving away the gray colorway FQ of Shirt & Tie, plus a spool of Aurifil gray/cream variegated thread!  Incidentally, it’s the same thread I had used to quilt my Calico Trail quilt.


To enter, between now and October 9th, you will have to identify correctly which 18th century American historical figure (hero) is depicted by the artist (aka Miss Baby) in the picture below.  Note from artist:  The stick hand is NOT a hint.  It is merely the result of the artist not quite mastering how to draw human hands…. yet!

Addendum:  That is not a kite — it is a saber this hero is holding! :)


I personally like the squirrels and hedgehogs — the artist has a comment about them too.  I shall reveal the comment when I reveal the giveaway winner.


Thanks for joining in for a bit of fun.  Miss Baby will be delighted to count how many right guesses she receives.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!  Hugs to you all!