Pouches springing up elsewhere!

It is not too late to attempt a home-made Christmas gift! My Jewelry Pouch featured in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine is a quick and easy one to make:

These were sent by Enis, a CME Subscriber. She used embroidery designs of her choice to personalize her homemade gifts. Enis wrote, “Thank you for the absolutely beautiful gift idea! My mother and boss will love these cases I made for Christmas gifts.” Thank you, Enis, for making my day with your email!

I was most glad to hear from Enis. WELL DONE, Enis! Designing sewing and quilting projects has been a most gratifying experience for me. The other thing that is more gratifying is for me to hear from those who actually attempt the projects I design!

Do write me when you are able. I love hearing from you! Meanwhile, have a great day!

Creative Machine Embroidery (November/December 2009)

As much as I try to slow down the ticking of time, I have found that it is to no avail! :) So, here we are, ticking closer and closer to Christmas.

christmas pouch6

I have a jewelry pouch project featured in the latest issue of Creative Machine Embroidery:

christmas pouch1

christmas pouch2

I rarely change out the basic gold pieces I wear to suit my outfits. So, I think I am actually going to use this as a needle case for all the different needles I use for different projects:

christmas pouch3

christmas pouch4

My husband informed me that a certain young member of our family had “read” the magazine. He was very proud that this little member knew how to flip the pages. Here is the condition of one of the pages after it was being “read”!

christmas pouch5

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely day.