I am participating in “It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event”!

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Happy Friday, Friends!  I am honored to be part of It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event, hosted by SewCalGal!  I am particularly excited to be part of the hop because as you know, Miss Baby, has been a huge part of my life — and as a result, my blog.

water mountain3

I think the medium of crafting can vary when crafting with kids.  This post documents a bit about my crafting experience with Miss Baby starting when she was about 2 till the present.  Besides being fun, crafting with children is great for building relationships as well as teaching useful skills.



My crafting experience with Miss Baby started out with paper and stickers.

1.  Teaching fall colors, handling glue stick and paper pieces – this project was done before Miss Baby turned 2.  You can see that at this point it was a “monkey see monkey do operation” with the sample on the side that I had made.

fall tree1

fall tree2

2.  Teaching following instructions through the alphabets and concept of stickers using sticky foamies.  That snowman project was about the time when we introduced crayons at our house.  These projects were also done before Miss Baby turned 2.




3.  Teaching sizes from big to small using a muffin linen cup Christmas tree craft – we repeated the project two years in a row because the project made such an impression on Miss Baby.  The good thing about this craft project is that Miss Baby was able to disassemble the tree and reassemble the tree over and over again.


4.  Teaching pattern – a paper quilt with crayons and stickers.


5. Card making – Miss Baby did this with the shapes I drew and cut for her two summers ago. You can see here Miss Baby is starting to write down her thoughts!




I make sure Miss Baby always has drawing tools (pencils, pens, crayons, paints, markers etc) ever since she was old enough to scribble.

1.  Birdhouses



2.  Coloring

Summer 2013


3.  Drawing – I started asking Miss Baby to use stories for her drawings.

Summer 2013 / Noah’s Ark


Spring 2013 / Peter Rabbit (you remember that scene where Peter Rabbit was stuck at Mr. McGregor’s garden?)


Here are a few she did just within the last week or so.


Princess Miss Baby on a unicorn, on her way to a castle:IMG_7852

Miss Baby Fishing:



I find that crafting with Miss Baby was limited to paper, stickers and crayon for a while until she was old enough to tackle the needle and thread.  I am not quite comfortable with Miss Baby using the sewing machine.  So, this year I started her only on handsewing.


1.  Random sewing of buttons to teach the mechanism of stitch formation through the up and down of needle.

February 2014


2.  Uniform stitching to teach patterns, counting and patience – although Miss Baby didn’t have too much trouble with the patience part!  Click here and here to read more about how to prepare the projects for a child.

Miss Baby’s first “real” cross stitch finish, August 2014:



Miss Baby’s second cross stitch finish, September 2014:



We currently have a couple of work-in-progress projects.  So stay tuned for more details. :)

I am passionate about passing down the love of crafting to the next generation. The process is most gratifying to both the parent and the child, and most importantly, it is building a treasury of memories to be passed down to generations in the future — when Miss Baby is able to tell her kids and grandkids how she remembers crafting with me!


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Thank you for stopping by.  Have a most lovely weekend.

I realized it’s October 31 today — I think there are going to be a lot of happily “candy-coated” children!!! :)  It’s a bit strange, but Miss Baby does not eat candies.  But she gets most offended if she is not given her fair share.  She brought home about two pounds of candies last night from church, and never even bother to taste a piece from her stash.

I am supposed to have somewhat of a “German” meal for dinner tonight for Reformation Day.  Happy Reformation Day! Click here, here and here to read about my past Reformation Day posts.

Crafting with Kids: Project #1

It was during my 4 day marathon getting Path of Glory finished that Miss Baby decided to finish up with her stitching primer sampler! I didn’t even employ any stalling tactic because I know a 5 year old just wouldn’t understand the concept of wait when trying to finish up her first stitching project!  


Upon the completion of her stitching, I gave Miss Baby 7 fabrics to choose for a pillow schematic I drew out…


Upon decisions made, Miss Baby and I had a “big meeting” (her exact words) about what fabrics were going to go where.   Honestly, I had tried to dissuade her from picking the pink, but am glad she did because I think pink gave a nice contrast in the overall look.

While she was asleep, the sewing elf (aka Mom) whipped up the pillowcase for her to stuff with stuffing the following day.  Ideally, I would have just used a pillow form, but stuffing with stuffing was infinitely more fun for a 5 year old.


If you are interested to try this out with certain special 5 year olds in your life…

1.  The cross stitch is 11-count Aida needlework fabric.  I couldn’t find a fabric with lower count in my local craft store.

2.  Miss Baby used Perle cotton for the stitching.  I thought having to deal the stranded cotton embroidery floss was a bit much for a first real project.

3.  Finish the pillowcase by sewing strips of fabrics from your stash around the stitched piece to the size of your choice— and you will be the heroine of the day in the eyes of that certain 5 year old!!

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I hope you have had a lovely week thus far.  Hugs to you all.