Spring and Tulips!

Hello Friends, Happy Friday!  I hope you have been well.  A bit of spring trivia for you…. did you know that tulips were originally grown in the Ottoman Empire before being imported to Holland in the 16th century?  Tulips became so popular in the Golden Dutch Age that the bulbs were used as money in Holland until the market in them crashed.  And I suppose Holland solidified her reputation as the tulip capital of the world, and is often affectionately referred to as the flower shop of the world.

These pictures are from a few years back before Miss Baby was school-aged.  We did a lot more impromptu outings then, which I miss now…

And this is my fabric version of spring/tulips for this year…

This is an exclusive quilt kit for Craft of Quilting, designed with Windham Fabrics’ Sleeping Porch fabrics by Heather Ross.  This is a fun garden group.  Check out the fabrics here.  Purchase the exclusive quilt kit (71″ x 84″) HERE.

I am curious to know what your favorite spring flower is!  Mine are many:  tulips, daffodils, forsythia, cherry blossoms, and dogwood!

Speaking of cherry blossoms, my family didn’t make it to the Tidal Basin in Washington DC this because about half of the blossoms were damaged in a freeze following an unusually warm spell.  Here are some pictures from our past cherry blossom excursions in the nation’s capital.  No matter how many times we have gone to see the blossoms, the feeling of awe at the “blossom” beauty never fails to overtake us!


That’s all for now, Friends.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.

p.s.  I have received many emails asking if only patterns of my quilt kits are available.  Generally, the answer is no unless you have seen the patterns featured in magazines.  Many of my quilt kits you see in catalogs are exclusive.  So the only way you can access the pattern is via the kit.  I have been toying with the idea of releasing my patterns in the future, but due to my various commitments, I have no plans to do so immediately.  I appreciate your understanding. :-)


Kits and Such

Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again.  I have been having so much fun reading what shade you are in my RJR What Shade Are you Giveaway post here.  Keep those comments coming!


Every so often, I get emails asking for kits of my designs. I am happy to share with you a few that are currently out there…

#1.  Springtime Butterflies in Craft of Quilitng catalog – click here to view and purchase.

High Res_Design 1a_63 x 63

#2.  Constellation of Colors (Keepsake Quilting) – click here to view and purchase

Rework_Fons and Porter3

#3.  At the Aquarium (Keepsake Quilting) – click here to view and purchase

Design 3a_45 x 65

#4.  Gears (Keepsake Quilting Exclusive) – click here to view and purchase

high res_Keepsake Batik_68.75 x 88

#5.  Butterfly Garden (Keepsake Quilting Exclusive) – click here to view and purchase

High Res_Design 4d_57 x 74_Keepsake Redo

#6.  Postage Stamp Runner (Keepsake Quilting Exclusive) – click here to view and purchase

High Res_Runner 1e_24.25 x 61

#7.  Snowbirds – click here to view and purchase

Design 1a_40 x 49

#8.  Painted Snowballs (Keepsake Quilting) – click here to view and purchase

snowball quilt

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what you can do with the empty Aurifil thread spools… at our house, we are using them as stands of paper finger puppets. :o)  See, Aurifil isn’t just for threads… :o)

finger puppet