Decorative Details: Part 2

(Subtitle: How does a dish-aholic incorporate what she collects in her home decor?)

4. Plates

Plates in china cabinets:

Plate on the wall:

Plates on window sill:

Plates on kitchen counter:

Plates on bathroom counters:

Plates just as equally important as books in bookcase:

Plates on fireplate mantel:

Plates atop doorway:

Plates on wall sconces:

The top of the piano definitely doesn’t escape the sprinkling of plates from the dish-aholic (even if it’s just a silver bread plate!):

And… what does the crazy dishaholic lady do with the extra plates? Why, she uses them as receptacles for jar candles (of course!):

Plates, plates, plates everywhere – such is the motto of a dish-aholic’s decorating style!

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Of weather, quilting notions and progress on quilt…

I am a tropical girl at heart. When it has been raining gently throughout the day like today, and if I have nothing better to do, I would love nothing better than to just….

…..snuggle in a comfortable chair, or even in bed, and read my book, or just daydream:

But instead, I had to travel 45 minutes one way to pick up something that is less than $10, but it’s something I absolutely have to have to complete my “Family Tree” quilt:

I also picked this up to mark on my quilt for quilting later. It is a special fabric marker for dark fabrics:

And now, another sneak peek of the progress. I did finish ALL 25 of the skeletal blocks. I have NEVER made that many quilt blocks in my life for one block pattern – talk about being repetitive! I have a lot of respect for people that make bed-sized quilts with countless blocks of the same block pattern. I am now adding the accentual pieces to complete the quilt top (some accentual pieces are shown):

Even though I was not able to waste away on this wet and rainy day with the past-time activity of my choice, I did receive my Aynsley Cottage Garden Vase to go with the plate serving as a decorative detail in one of the bathrooms. So that was a pretty good highlight of my rainy and wet day:

(Click here if you are interested to know more about my Pampered Puppies figurine.)

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Till next time! :)