Island Batik & Creative New Quilts Blog Hop Day 4 / A question on beets!


Happy Friends, I just came through a sewing marathon.  I am exhausted, but am glad that I got another thing checked off my list!  I am obsessive about making lists, and “me versus list” sums up my life most days.

Monday, March 14 – Island Batik Intro – be sure to stop by for the giveaway of a free fabric bundle! You will also see what outfit I wore to church yesterday when you visit Island Batik’s blog today.  Totally unplanned… I chuckled when I saw the picture!

Tuesday, March 15 – The Fit Quilter – Adele is using the Desert Rose collection to make her version of Crossings! You have got to pop on over to see her quilt – simply gorgeous! Adele is a quilt designer herself — check out her work, and the patterns she has for sale!

Wednesday, March 16 – Pamela Quilts — Pamela gives a batik-y twist to my Flight of Colors pillows. Pam is also a Craftsy Designer, as well as Etsy Shop owner.  Do take a moment to check out her offerings!!!  And there’s a giveaway of a copy of my book!

TODAY!!!!  Thursday, March 17 – MooseStash Quilting — Today featured hop project is one that is near and dear to my heart!!!  Joan made my quilt with the BUZZ – my coffee cup quilt! You simply have to head over to her blog to see her quilt.  I am tempted to reveal the colors of Joan’s quilt here, but I shall refrain!  And of course, as for the entire blog hop, a free copy of my book is given away by all the hop contributors.

Friday, March 18 –  Bejeweled Quilts
Monday, March 21 –  One Quilting Circle
Tuesday, March 22 –  BeaQuilter
Wednesday, March 23 – Freemotion by the River and KISSed Quilts 
Thursday, March 24 – Mary Mack Made Mine
Friday, March 25 – Lemon Tree Snippets

It is no secret I am a consumer of coffee.  Miss Baby dubs coffee my “stay awake juice”, and I have to admit she is quite right about that!  Here is my original Care for a Cuppa quilt!

cuppa TRY
So, now you just need to head on over to Joan’s blog to see her version of the quilt.  She is also giving away a free copy of my Creative New Quilts & Projects book which has the instructions and full templates for making Care for a Cuppa!
Thank you for all your kind words on Miss Baby’s penmanship.  I had only intended to share the laughs, but then I started getting emails and comments about Miss Baby’s handwriting, haha!  My mother was very particular about my handwriting when I was learning how to write, and I suffered a few consequences when I didn’t do a good job.  My Mom would erase ALL my work when she spotted certain discrepancies (shall we say), and I would have to redo everything.  So, I learned early and quickly I’d better just do things right the first time.  Now, I haven’t quite used my mother’s consequences yet on Miss Baby, but I have threatened!!!  So far, she has taken my threats to heart.

Being in line with pioneer-ish and all….. I resisted buying the cooked/steamed/roasted beets at the store 2 weeks ago, and decided to buy the raw ones!  I mean, how hard can cooking some beets be?  I bought these:

Organic Beets
I first baked them in the oven…. after 2 hours, they were still hard.  Then, I decided I would boil them, after 45 minutes in boiling water, they were still considerably hard.  Then, I started getting concerned about cooking off the nutrients, so I stopped, and just cut up the beets and served them at the table.  It is universally established that I would make a dismal pioneer, and that’s for another day, ha!  But I am wondering…  Might any of you have some words of wisdom concerning cooking of beets?  What is your favorite way to cook beets, and how do you like to serve your beets?  

November Desktop Wallpaper: Care for a Cuppa?

Hello Friends, November is just right around the corner.  My publisher, Landauer Publishing, is featuring my Coffee Cup wallhanging, Care for a Cuppa?, in the desktop wallpaper they are offering for November.

cuppa TRY


Click here to find out more!

Complete pattern instructions to make this “kitchen and breakfast nook friendly” wallhanging are in my book Creative New Quilts & Projects.  

Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!  And…. please tell me the # of cups of coffee/tea you drink to keep you functioning each day!

Care for a Cuppa? It’s…

… National Coffee Day!!! You have see the following picture numerous times…


Now you see the coffee cup in my Care for a Cuppa? quilt!

cuppa TRY

Care for a Cuppa? is a fun project featured in my upcoming book Creative New Quilts & Projects.  Miss Baby calls coffee “Mom’s Stay Awake Juice” because Mom here indeed relies on coffee for her day-to-day survival. :)

So, have yourself a stupendous day… and I hope you have a great cuppa while you are at it!  I shall catch up with you later! I have to get a quilt bound for shipping today before I pick my little one from school!