Five Things I Love & Napkin Folding

I was tagged by Marye of to share about five things I love. Among the many things I love, these are five that I really love:

1. China and anything related to tablesetting – that is only natural for a dish-aholic, right?

2. Christmas – my all-time favorite holiday even if I had grown up celebrating it in a tropical country. It is the meaning of Christmas that always tugs at my heart – the remedy for evil, and the possibility of having peace with God:

3. Things related to heirloom millinery – traditional counterpane, wholecloth, smocking, embroidery, cross-stitch are what capture my fancy.

4. Books – they keep my mind and my horizon expanding. They are just something I’ve got to have in my life.

5. My Bible – for “The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart.” Psalm 19:8a.


Suzan had asked about what kind of fold I had used for my napkin in the Christmas tablesetting I had shown a couple of days ago. It is called “Rose”, and I have included the directions below:

Christmas in July – Part 1

I decided to have some “Christmas in July” posts in the next couple of weeks on my blog for those who can’t wait for the cooler weather and holiday season to be upon us:

This is actually my second quilt made in November 2005 just in time for Christmas that year:

I have displayed it every Christmas since:

Have a blessed day, everyone!

Christmas Everyday

For this Friday’s Show-and-Tell hosted by Kelli, I am showing you one of my most priced treasures: a pewter nativity set (commonly known as Creche in Europe) from home. Somehow, I couldn’t mentally get pass putting Christ back into the box after the first Christmas I displayed the set. So, I have just left my nativity set out all year round through all these years, albeit without the usual Christmas trimmings. Right now, it is sitting on my silver chest on the kitchen counter – that makes life quite interesting whenever I have to get an extra silver spoon or something or other from the chest. :) It’s been six years since my parents presented this very much treasured gift to me when they were here visiting:

The details are quite stunning as one stops to appreciate them:

I think my all-time favorite piece in the whole set is the camel. The craftsmen did a superb job in making the camel look so realistic. It’s kind of silly, but I really like the tassels:

Here are some pictures from past Christmas-es:

Leaving the nativity set out does a lot of good to my heart and soul. It reminds me personally that the Christmas message in reality does not end with the annual celebration. Rather, it emanates day after day, season after season, year after year, generation after generation. It also provides me a connection with my parents who live far from me. Each time I stop to look and appreciate the set, I think of them and am thankful for them.

So, in the spirit of this post, may I wish you, my bloggy friends, a Merry Christmas? :)

Showing you the “not-so-big” picture…

Remember these?

I did get a chance to work on the Christmas project for “The Quilter” Magazine yesterday and today. Here is what I have to show you so far, and it is no where near completion. However, it is as far as I am able to show you for now since this is a published assignment. I shall let “The Quilter” Magazine have the honor to show you the finished work in a few months.

Since there wasn’t any butting of seams, I went ahead and pressed the seams open to reduce the bulk. That worked out beautifully!

Even though the fabrics are from Moda’s Christmas collections, they remind me a lot of my fine bone china FRUITY coffee mugs by Dunoon. So I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the partially completed quilt top with some of the mugs. It’s time to take them from the cabinet and start using them for summer is just about here in my part of the world!

That’s all for now – till next time. Meanwhile, I am still trying to decided whether to join a “Quilt-along” group. I will think more about it, and tell you what I decide next week!

Irish Lemon Curd Tarts

I participated in the “The Sweet-and-Yummy- Savory” recipe sharing hosted by “Gracious Hospitality”. I had used this recipe for Christmas last year in keeping with my colonial-themed Christmas dinner. The recipe is from “Entertaining Ideas from Williamsburg”. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take a picture of the actual tarts. I didn’t know I would be needing the pictures for blogging. But I will show a quick picture of my Christmas tablesetting with my Spode Christmas Rose plates. The tarts aren’t exactly “sweet”, but they are “yummy” and go great with coffee or tea! By the way, did I mention I am a dish-aholic?

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

1/2 cups sugar

rind of 4 lemons, grated

2/3 cup lemon juice

1 cup butter, melted

24 small baked tart shells

Beat the eggs, egg yolks, and sugar. Beat in the grated lemon rind, lemon juice, and butter, and pour the mixture into the top of a double boiler. Cook the mixture, stirring constantly, over hot water until it has thickened. Cool, cover, and refrigerate. Fill the baked tart shells with the chilled mixture.