Christmas Tablescapes and Centerpieces from…

… Christmases Past, mixed in with some accents here and there. Tablescapes and making centerpieces are probably my favorite aspects of homemaking.


As you can see, blown glass ornaments are definitely not just for the tree. Since I only do floral sprays accented regular Christmas balls on our Christmas trees whenever we put up a tree, I get to have all sorts of fun with my small collection of treasured European blown glass ornaments.




(Click here if you are interested in making that napkin fold yourself)



The very first Christmas centerpiece I made one of the earlier years of my marriage, and yes, we are still using the original pillar candle. :)


One of my favorite Christmas centerpieces – an antique rotating painted nativity scene within the Christmas pyramid.


Natural accents – the Heavenly Bamboo berries are just simply, heavenly! They last a couple of months without any deterioration.



Thanks for stopping by. Now I am going to look at your different Christmas eye-candies. Have a joyous weekend!

Christmas in July: Part 2

We have had company, so I am relying on my “archived pictures” for my post today.  This is from my Christmas table setting in 2004.  The seating arrangement was determined by placecards on each placesetting.  Each guest received a “table gift” placed by the dinner plate.  It’s these little things that lend to the atmosphere of “grand-ness”, and so,

… we had a grand time.  We also had a very special guest from Holland that year.  She brought us an antique cuckoo clock that is just precious.  The weights of the cuckoo clock are the real heavy metal ones, unlike the plastic ones that are used in the newer models.  They were mistaken to be grenades going through security check at the airport.

Have a wonderful day, everyone.  I am off to doing some cleaning…