Free-motion quilting is like…

… doodling on a piece of paper, except it’s on fabric. You can go wherever your creativity fancies to take you. You can doodle and keep doodling on a particular design:




Or, if you run out of design of your own to doodle, you can doodle on an obvious design printed on the fabric that is right before your eyes:


EXCEPT, with free-motion quilting, it is not so easy to un-doodle because that involves much patience in taking out stitches. So, the trick in successful doodling on quilts is to think and plan ahead and while you are doodling.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the pictures of this Christmas Quilt using Once Upon a Christmas fabrics by Benartex. As always, pictures of the whole quilt will be revealed when the quilt is officially published. This one is coming out in the December issue of “Quilter’s World“.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Doodling! :)

Christmas ain’t quite over…

… for me. I am supposed to do something with these Christmas fabrics for a Christmas quilt to be featured in “The Quilter” for their Christmas in July section in their July 2009 Issue.


Remember I told you I always delay putting up my Christmas stuff? I might just be tempted to leave them up the whole year! :)

I received my Roslynn quilt back from the editor over the weekend – check back tomorrow for more pictures of Roslynn that is featured in “The Quilter”‘s March 2009 issue.

The cardinals elsewhere are caroling…

It’s always been exciting for me to see my work published, whether in technical journals in the past (when I worked as a chemical engineer in the world’s largest ultra-low velocity wind tunnel in the world – but that’s a story for another day!) or in quilt magazines in the present.

But what made me forsake all reservations and did a “Snoopy” dance this past week was hearing from Dawn who has started her own “Carol of the Cardinals” based on my published Christmas project in “The Quilter“‘s 2008 Christmas issue. Please click on the picture below to see her post on the project, and do leave her a note to tell her what a great job she is doing! :) I like her choice of fabrics, and how she had tilted the holly sprig:

You see, once my quilt design is published, I have no way of knowing exactly how many quilters actually attempt the project unless I am being told by the quilters themselves. So, I want to thank Dawn for taking the time to let me know.

HAPPY MONDAY, everyone!

Update – Click here to see Dawn’s completed project!  She is a fast worker! :)

THE QUILTER Christmas Issue — Carol of the Cardinals…

… reminds us that the time is still just right to start on any home-made Christmas gifts!!!!

There are a total of 19 fun and festive Christmas projects in “The Quilter“‘s Christmas Issue this year. I just got my complimentary copy yesterday in which my Christmas project is featured:

The project has instructions for a small wallhanging and matching placemats for your Christmas entertaining. The project was designed with “speedy completion” in mind without compromising the overall festive look. So you can definitely whip these out pretty quickly and still be proud to give as gifts.

The wallhanging:

The placemats:

Have a wonderful day, everyone. I hope “Carol of the Cardinals” inspire you to get into the Christmas mood! :)

p.s. I would love for you to hear from you if you attempt and complete this project. Do send me pictures too!

Another project featured!!!

Do you remember these fabrics from months ago?

And this sneak-peek I had also shown?

It was for a super-easy small wallhanging and placemat (great for gifts) project I did for The Quilter magazine. I just got them back yesterday from being photographed. The “Carol of the Cardinals” project will be featured in The Quilter‘s Christmas issue (YAY!) hitting the newsstands on October 15! I will show more pictures once I get my advanced copy of the magazine. Here I am showing you some of the quilting I had done on the project:

I hope you have had a good day!! Over at my end, the weather has been absolutely pleasant — I’ve enjoyed being outside. :) Till next time, everyone!

What do quilting and horses have in common?

Here I have some sample yardages that I received recently from Moda for a Christmas project appearing in The Quilter’s Magazine later this year in their Christmas issue.

This will be the first time I work to incorporate something velvety in a quilt. Don’t you just love the plush and shiny look of this velvety fabric?

Take a look at the closeups of these rather unconventional Christmas Fabrics. Aren’t they just beautiful? Well, I almost hate to divulge yet another weakness of mine – yes, fabrics! But that comes with the territory of being a quilter – so I am in no big trouble there! :) And really, my addiction to fabrics is not all that bad. It’s definitely not as bad as my dish-aholism.

But you ask, what do quilting and horses have in common? Oh that….

Well, you see… Many quilters use a special kind of soap to pre-wash their 100% cotton quilting fabrics because it is just perfect to wash out the sizing that comes on fabrics fresh off the bolts. I can’t find this soap in the regular craft store in town except in the local vet supply store. So I broke out the phone book and look in the yellow pages to see where this local vet supply store might be located…

*** finally found the vet store after missing a turn***

I simply looked like a fish out of water in that vet store. I just didn’t belong there! It’s no surprise when the burly guy in a plaid shirt and overalls behind the counter looked at me rather funny when I asked to purchase the biggest jar of Orvus Paste Soap they had in their store.

While waiting to pay, I saw out of the corner of my eye another guy stocking up inventory in the back. He acted like he was following the scene at the counter with great interest. After the transaction was completed, he just couldn’t suppress his curiosity any longer… he came out to the counter and wanted to find out what I was going to do with the Orvus soap. He looked a bit perplexed when I told him sweetly before leaving the store, “For pre-washing my quilt fabrics!” Has he not read the label on the back of the jar?

So, there you have it – quilting and horses have the Orvus Paste Soap in common! Must be some soap if it can be used to wash delicate fabrics AND livestock, imagine that!!