Woodrow Studio’s “The Magic of Christmas” Bishop

Hi Friends,  it’s good to have you visit again!  I love reading your comments – please know that I appreciate them.

I finished Miss Baby’s “The Magic of Christmas” bishop on Sunday, in time for her to wear to church.  She  has been saying “Mama working on tress, wear to cho-ch” whenever she sees me working on her dress.  So, I was quite determined to get it done by church on Sunday, and I did.  That is the high point.  The low point is, the construction turned out rather nightmare-ish!  I told my husband it was a project sent to torment me.

The fabric is from Woodrow Studio’s “The Magic of Christmas” collection, and it is a dream to stitch!  My needle had no trouble gliding in and out the fabric.  It feels very soft and smooth and satiny.  But my trouble really began prior to smocking when I realized that I should have left the sleeve alone and have them pleated first, and not sewed them with the other pieces.  My mistake was not reversible.  My sewing mentor Annelle suggested using elastic to substitute for the smocked sleeve look.  I am telling you, nothing catches Annelle by surprise.  She always has a solution for my sewing drama went wrong!  She is THAT good!!!  I had a bit of trouble doing that, but in the end I think I won.  But anything that doesn’t go according to plan bothers me.  So, it still bothers me to look at the sleeves even though they are perfectly serviceable.  That’s the short version of the story as I want to spare you the gory and trying details. :)

The smocking plate I used is Harmony by Carrie’s Closet.  It is amazing how different the final result looks with different threads on different fabric:

As I was taking out stitches with much frustration, I was reminded of the verse in 1 Corinthians 13:7 “(Love)… always perseveres.”  So, I kept going until the dress was completed…. all and only because I love my little girl.   How I needed that reminder to persevere…

I am getting ready to start another Holly/Berry dress for Miss Baby for Christmas Day!  I sure hope it isn’t going to be another project sent to torment me.  But even it is, “love … always perseveres.”

Thanks for stopping by!  Good day to you.

On the twelveth day of Christmas…

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite Christmas traditions — new dresses! I grew up in a comfortable though not affluent home, but as long as I could remember, I always got a new dress for Christmas every year! I carried on with that tradition for myself after I left home to come to the States. I would buy myself a new dress for Christmas every year.

I have since passed on that tradition to baby as well. You have seen the Gingerbear Smocked Jumper I made as a Christmas play dress for her. Here is the Peppermint Smocked Bishop that I made for baby as the Christmas dress:

This was an earlier picture when the smocking was still in progress:

The fabric is Swiss White Dimity — it was definitely a dream to smock on. I just love the white ribs on the fabric:

The smocking plate is out of the 61st issue of Creative Needle. I omitted the green leaves that went on both sides of the flowerettes in the bottom diamonds because I wanted to keep the peppermint color scheme:

Truth be known, my dear Annelle saved the day, AGAIN!  She practically did most of the construction for this dress.  I was able to finish the dress a few hours before we were to board the plane to spend Christmas out-of-state!

Ol’ Mom here is going to cheat a little.  Baby doesn’t know it yet, but this is also going to be her Valentine’s Day outfit.  I am looking at a very tight schedule for 6 weeks starting now, which means I won’t have time to make a Valentine’s Day outfit.  So, this red/white Christmas dress would have to do! :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a fabulous day.  Bye bye Christmas, see you again in a year!