Five Things I Love & Napkin Folding

I was tagged by Marye of to share about five things I love. Among the many things I love, these are five that I really love:

1. China and anything related to tablesetting – that is only natural for a dish-aholic, right?

2. Christmas – my all-time favorite holiday even if I had grown up celebrating it in a tropical country. It is the meaning of Christmas that always tugs at my heart – the remedy for evil, and the possibility of having peace with God:

3. Things related to heirloom millinery – traditional counterpane, wholecloth, smocking, embroidery, cross-stitch are what capture my fancy.

4. Books – they keep my mind and my horizon expanding. They are just something I’ve got to have in my life.

5. My Bible – for “The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart.” Psalm 19:8a.


Suzan had asked about what kind of fold I had used for my napkin in the Christmas tablesetting I had shown a couple of days ago. It is called “Rose”, and I have included the directions below:

A beary special gift

My little patchwork bear, Lady Carlyle, says “Konichiwa” (translated: hello) to you on this Monday morning!

You see, she officially joined our household during a snowy afternoon in December last year. She had come with a package packed with other goodies from Japan. Can you see the snow pelting down outside the window?

LC is handmade by a very gracious lady Mrs. M from Japan who is a hand quilter. Her sweet daughter had stayed with us for three weeks as an exchange student last August. We were honored to host Kumiko as a guest in our home, and I was definitely honored to receive LC as a gift from Mrs. M. LC is named after my Lady Carlyle dishes (how original eh?). You see, LC has taken such a liking to the Lady Carlyle pieces, so what can I say? I would also be remiss not to mention to you that LC hosts some mean tea parties too!

LC thinks she is the queen of my 3-tier server:

Mrs. M and I have sent each other quilting-related things from time to time even though we have never met or spoken with each other. It is a unique friendship I share with Mrs. M because of our love of sewing and quilting. I hope one day I would get to meet this wonderful lady in person.

Mrs. M is one many women that have become special to me in my sewing world. I look forward to sharing with you the other sewing friends I have met and come to love over the last couple of years.

Thanks for such a special gift, Mrs. M! Have a “beary” wonderful week, everyone! And Happy Crafting!!

p.s. A very beary Happy Birthday to my sister!

The tea strainer that shines with TLC

The reason I didn’t show you this other tea strainer I have in last Thursday’s post is because this other tea strainer had needed a bit of TLC, and I hadn’t had the time then to give it the TLC it deserved. I did have some time this week to give it a real shine! So, here it is… after being polished with silver polish:

The strainer is from Reed & Barton’s Francis I collection. I normally display the tea strainer with my Spode Sheffield pieces:

I am showing a close-up picture of the strainer. Notice the clusters of fruits. I am fascinated by the art of silversmith-ing, aren’t you? I am also fascinated by a lot of other things as you will see later (like how castles were built in the Middle Ages). For now, let’s admire the close-up:

I am showing this ensemble again with books I am currently reading. I wonder if you could tell what kind of person I am from the books I read?