A fond Christmas memory

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I have lovely memories associated with the holiday. I grew up in Southeast Asia where holidays of all sorts of religion are celebrated. Growing up, I always felt like Christmas was one holiday that related to me the most. One of my most fond memories of Christmas is caroling!

Caroling is sort of a tradition in my family. My father has gone caroling ever since he was a teenager. Back in the day, he and his church friends would ride on the back of a Land Rover from house to house in rural Southeast Asia for caroling. And when I got to be a teenager, I would go with my father for the annual caroling activity.

I haven’t done any caroling since I came to the States. Now, I rely on my Byers Carolers to transport me to my imaginative world where I am still one of the carolers at my home church where the temperature is near 100 even at this time of the year, going around singing the songs of Christmas!

I wish you a joyous week!