More on Bunny Foo Foo

I have actually posted bout my Bunny Foo Foo quilt that is featured in Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts for Kids (Summer 2011). Back when I posted about the quilt, the quilt was not yet returned to me from the Editor, and thus the limited pictures.

The quilt is back with me now. I thought it good to show you additional pictures of the quilt.

Of course, the quilt wouldn’t be named “Bunny Foo Foo” without the bunnies taking the center stage. These chocolate bunnies make me crave for chocolates.

Here are some close-ups on the quilting. I was very pleased with the “doily” effect I had quilted around the letters.

Joan of Australia took the basic layout of the quilt design and made a version of the quilt that is totally her own for her newborn grandson.  Joan is one of the most creative quilters I know… spend some time on her blog and drool over her work!

Have you made a baby quilt lately?    Feel free to send me pictures at so that I can admire your work.    My brain fried by this fiery summer heat can certainly use a bit of inspiration! :)


Eyes or no eyes

I had really looked forward to a judge’s comments regarding my quilting techniques on a quilt I had entered in a show a couple of years ago.

With great anticipation when I picked up the quilt, I didn’t wait to tear open the envelope to see what was written as soon as my grubby hands got a hold of the envelope containing the comment sheet. I wanted to improve and do better next time!!!! Instead, all she wrote was “cats need eyes”. I wanted to know what she thought of my piecing, my quilting, and where I could improve overall in quilting techniques…

Over the years, I have made a few quilts with appliqued animals. And I still haven’t added eyes to them:




I am leaning toward the “no eyes” approach for my latest endeavor appearing in the May Issue of “The Quilter“. I will embroider the legs though. I will reveal how the entire quilt looks sometime in March when it officially comes out in the magazine:


What do you think? Eyes or no eyes?!

How I caught the bug

… the quilting bug!

I made my first quilt after much encouragement from my quilting mentor and friend Barbara.  I had the perfect excuse to venture into something new — a newborn in the family!

I had the most fun picking and choosing the different fabrics for the quilt.  The applique was really fun too.  My favorite part of the quilt is the “bunny-go-around”:

To keep the ever running bunnies well-stocked with energy, I picked a backing fabric FULL of carrots :) :

I was smitten by the quilting bug after this first quilt, and am glad that it hasn’t left me so far! :)

Have a fun weekend, everyone!