Smocked Birthday Dress

This was a double-team project between myself and my dear friend Annelle. The dress wouldn’t have materialized had it not been for Annelle doing the construction for me. When I knew how late I was in getting the smocking done, I didn’t even pretend I was going to be able to construct the birthday gown! A big thanks go to Annelle for making the dress happen!

The idea for the dress is “Cherie” from Australian Smocking & Embroidery Issue 44. I preferred Baby to wear white. So, I used a white voile with a pink/white color scheme. The pinks I used were DMC 818 and 3716. I decided to keep the bullions all white for the front closure.

This is another bishop. I just love the bishop cut dresses for little girls. The only difference is this bishop opens at the front instead of at the back:

This is the back:

Around 10 yards of lace were used:

The smocking inspired the design on Baby’s birthday cake:

This was a labor of love for Baby. The bullions were a little tedious while I was rushing to get the embroidery done. But it was worth it all!

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