These cheerful vincas brought a smile to my face this morning as I was doing some minor weeding in my flower bed:

I was reminded of Proverbs 17:22 —

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” (KJV)

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (NIV)

My dear bloggy friends, I wish you a very merry and cheerful weekend!!  I will be back on Monday!

Five Things I Love & Napkin Folding

I was tagged by Marye of to share about five things I love. Among the many things I love, these are five that I really love:

1. China and anything related to tablesetting – that is only natural for a dish-aholic, right?

2. Christmas – my all-time favorite holiday even if I had grown up celebrating it in a tropical country. It is the meaning of Christmas that always tugs at my heart – the remedy for evil, and the possibility of having peace with God:

3. Things related to heirloom millinery – traditional counterpane, wholecloth, smocking, embroidery, cross-stitch are what capture my fancy.

4. Books – they keep my mind and my horizon expanding. They are just something I’ve got to have in my life.

5. My Bible – for “The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart.” Psalm 19:8a.


Suzan had asked about what kind of fold I had used for my napkin in the Christmas tablesetting I had shown a couple of days ago. It is called “Rose”, and I have included the directions below:

‘Tis hard to part with old and faithful friends

For this Friday’s show-and-tell hosted by Kelli’s house, I am showing you my precious precious treasures (even though they might not look treasure-y). They make me feel incomplete whenever I accidentally leave them somewhere. They are the Bibles I have used for the better part of my life.

I will start by telling you a little bit about the Bible on the right. I started using it in 1987 when I was barely a teenager. The yellowing definitely shows the age.

And even at that “tender” age, I was one who wrote and underlined in my Bible:

And flipping through the pages just now, I found this little “stamp” thingie tucked in one of the pages. I don’t remember how it ended up there. I must have been one who would slip things between pages for safekeeping. Now that I find this little stamp, I decided to leave it there – after all, it’s been there all these years.

Fast forward to 1995… I presented myself with the Bible resting on the left side of the chair (of course, it was brand spanking new back then). The binding and cover must have been a little lacking in quality because you can see the deterioration that has happened over time. This is the main Bible I use from day to day, and I love the noise I make when flipping through well worn pages of this Bible:

I still write and underline and highlight in my Bible because I find myself able to remember things better that way:

As for tucking away things in the pages — well, it’s hard to shed an old habit! I do remember why this was slipped in there even though I don’t remember when. I was assigned to read the designated passage:

But this?! What does “Whirlpool getting the energy award” have anything to do with ….anything…? And how it ended up in the pages of the book of Micah, I have no earthly idea. Oh wait, perhaps I had saved the article for the funeral home advertisement?

Should I take it out? Nay, probably not… I think I will leave it exactly where it is — at the last chapter of Micah, and let my descendants generations from now try to conjecture and guess and contemplate and speculate the mysterious meaning and implication of a person leaving a newspaper clipping of such curious subjects in her Bible….. (if this treasure of mine lasts that long)!

Having been right there with me through the years and through the many many ups-and-downs of life in adulthood, they are like my best-est friends. Some friends presented me with a brand new Bible years ago of which I was greatly appreciative. But I find myself not wanting to part with these two faithful friends, so, I am still using my well-tattered Bibles for now.

The end.