Bernina’s THROUGH THE NEEDLE (Issue 28)

I received my complimentary copies of “Through the Needle” over the weekend. Bernina didn’t just send me one or two copies – I received SIX copies (I smell a giveaway once things settle down for me)!!! And kudos to the editorial staff for a job well done. The magazine turned out to be very eye-catching!

I had seen the draft sent to me for final review, but it is NOTHING like seeing the real thing:

Here are more pillow shots:

Back of pillow – the fabric was one of those that I just couldn’t pass up at the quilt shop:

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[Through the Needle will feature another article on me sometime next year. Stay tuned! I think it’s going to be really fun working on that project. This project will be done with the help of Rogers Sewing Center. You may contact Rogers Sewing Center for more information. You may also contact me should you be interested in a custom-made pillow like the one shown.]

Making something we can ACTUALLY use…?!

Remember this?

I received my pillow back from Bernina that is going to appear in their “Through the Needle” issue coming out in November. I was told this issue debuted in the Houston Quilt Market over the weekend. I will post more pictures when I receive my complimentary copies of the magazine:

It is another project with the whole-cloth theme except the main motifs were done by machine embroidery. I had also monogrammed an S for our family last name to give it a more personal and custom look. The background quilting was free-motion quilted with the Bernina Stitch Regulator.

What am I going to do with the pillow? It will be used as a decorative pillow to be looked at admiringly, and occasionally to be handled with clean hands. :) My husband aptly asked me upon completion of the project a while back, “When are you going to make something we can actually use?”. You know what, he had a point…

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Machine-embroidered Cutwork

[Definition of cutwork embroidery: In cutwork, small shapes are cut out of the ground material, the cut edges are embroidered, and the vacant space is often filled in with decorative stitches.

This embroidery technique, traditionally wrought by hand, has a longstanding history in Europe, with its beauty most spectacularly exhibited by the Italians.]


I had to do a test on doing cutwork using machine embroidery to make sure it really works before doing a real project for Creative Machine Embroidery appearing in their March/April issue next year.  It turned out to be a fun little test even though I had no idea what to expect.

It would appear that the style of the design I used resembles the style for Spanish cutwork according to Lace Fairy:

I learned that using machine embroidery to achieve the cutwork result, I have to trim the fabric REALLY REALLY close to the guiding stitch, or else I would get the annoying fuzzies (frayed edge of the linen) around the satin stitches:

After the water-soluble stabilizer was rinsed off, I trimmed the fuzzies off as best as I could.  I layered the linen over a piece of lavender fabric, and thought maybe I could make it into a satchel to give as a gift:

That ends my little escapade in the world of machine embroidery!  It’s now time for me to tend to some housework!

Have a beautiful day, everyone! :)

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