Machine Musings

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  One question I frequently receive from quilters is about the machine (make and model) with which I sew/quilt.  I have, at various times, indicated that I sew and quilt on a Bernina Artista 640 machine.  I had purchased this machine new back in 2006. And with this particular machine, I made 99.9% of the quilts in this list.  I loved this particular machine so much I eventually bought a second one.

I really like the precise stitches I can get with my machines.  Precision is quite important to me, coming from my research background.  The last I checked (around this time last year), this very machine (seen below) had logged about 21 million stitches, and yet the precision aspect of the machine stays strong.  So, you can see why I like and love my machines so much.

bernina 640

The Bernina Artista 640 is no longer, and I think (!) the closest successor nowadays would be the B 560.  I have sewn on the B 560, and I love it just as much.  In fact, the B 560 was what I used on set for filming my Machine Quilting Level 2 class. You can read more about the B 560 machine here, and my class here.

Image Credit: Bernina

My quilting journey is going to be spiced up a notch…. as I just unpacked a rather large box.  In it is what I have lovingly called “the sewing machine that could and can”, because I think this machine can and will bring me additional quilting joy!  Come back next week for my first official posting on “the sewing machine that could and can”.  Until then, have a great weekend!

Now, I would love to hear about machine(s) with which you sew and quilt…. care to share?

Pieceful Garden in UK’s Popular Patchwork (March 2010)

I had my first successful trans-Atlantic venture! Pieceful Garden is out in the March 2010 Issue of Popular Patchwork. I am so excited!! I hope this is a sign of many more successful ventures in the future. Popular Patchwork magazines are definitely available at your local Barnes and Noble bookstores. Grab your copy today!

Pieceful Garden appeared two years ago in The Quilter. I hope it will now also be a delightful project for quilters in the UK:

Some closeups of the quilting — done with YLI silk over Hobbs Tuscany Wool batt (or wadding for the UK quilters). The quilting was all done free-hand without any prior marking:

A bird’s eye view of the quilting on the back of the quilt:

The back of the quilt illuminated by a table lamp:

The “secret weapon” I use for all my quilting is revealed:

Being published in the UK has been such a milestone for me. As with all my published quilts, this is another tribute to my quilting teacher, Barbara. Without her, I would not have even known the quilting bug had been lying dormant within me all these years. :) I also want to thank Jane, Popular Patchwork’s editor for affording me the opportunity to publish in her magazine.

This is also a great time for me to thank my great friends at Rogers Sewing Center. Dan Adams and Rhonda Guinn have been remarkably supportive in my endeavors. My machine practically SINGS after each “spa visit” to the Sewing Center! :) Sewing ladies — do drop by your dealers’ and say hi to those who take care of your machines if you get a chance! Better yet, if you are ever in the vicinity of Northwest Arkansas, stop by Rogers Sewing Center and tell them I have sent you! :)

Click on the pictures below for some scrap projects I have done with the fabrics that went into Pieceful Garden:

I hope you have had a good visit! Thank you so much for visiting. I love getting your comments. Do drop me a line so that I can visit you back!

I wish you splendid start to a new week!