Yucca Whimsy: Final Sneak Peeks

Happy Friday, my friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  I worked and worked and worked on getting Yucca Whimsy done this week, and I am DONE!   Fabrics used are from Benartex‘ Sew Chick collection:

I had about two days to spend on the quilting.  There really wasn’t anytime for me to mark the quilt.  So, the quilting you see was entirely free-handed with my home machine.

Yucca Whimsy is now on its way to New Jersey for a photo shoot next week.  That’s why the rush on my end.

I had initially meant for the blocks to be a grape cluster blocks, but alas, the leaves didn’t look remotely like grape leaves!  So, I started think of these blocks as the blossom clusters of a Yucca plant. :)  Whether the editor would keep “Yucca Whimsy” as the final name remains to be seen:

A few more sneak peeks:

Setting the blocks in a quilt is always a fun exercise.  One gets different looks depending on how a block is place, rotated, and etc.  These are the same blocks, but when they are rotated different, together they give a nice look!

That’s all I can show you on this quilt for now until it is officially featured in The Quilter‘s November 2010 issue.  The magazines are hitting the newsstands in September.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, may a lovely weekend come your way!  Thanks for stopping by.  So many of you have become such special friends – and I appreciate you greatly!

p.s. I will be making an appearance with Dan and Rhonda of Rogers Sewing Center at the Northwest Arkansas Quilt Guild meeting on June 24th at 7pm.  I would love to see you there, and I would really like you to meet my special friends Dan and Rhonda if you haven’t already!

Yucca Whimsy: Sneak Peek #2

Good day, my friends.  I thank you again for stopping by…

My Yucca Whimsy blocks gave me FITS a couple of nights ago, and just sent me into the depths of despair. The bottom curvy stems didn’t quite match up when I put the blocks together. Sorry, no pictures were taken as I was too caught up in my despair.

So, I went to sleep. I spent the next day doing some minor surgery on the quilt top. I took the stitches out of the ends of the curvy stems, and matched them up, applied my hot iron, and stitched them in place! Voila – the stems are now continuous!

You can see bunny can even drive her car along the “track” without any mishaps due to mis-matched tracks:

I was quite happy about the happy ending, at least for now.  I can have a better attitude going into my weekend! I hope you have a great weekend – any special plans at your end? I think Baby and I are going do some finger/hand painting for a Father’s Day card, and home-made Thank-You’s.

Yucca Whimsy: Sneak Peek #1

I’ve worked over time in the last few days with these whimsical fabrics, Sew Chick by Benartex:

One of the blocks look like this.  You can see that it has nothing to do with chickens or chicks :) :

This is a project for The Quilter.  I still have lots to do before the quilt becomes a reality.  So, I shall leave you and get back to work.  Do stay tuned, more pictures to come! :)  Ta-dah!

Sew Chick by Benartex

I have been waiting to see these fabrics in person. I fell in love with them when Benartex sent the fabric swatch images to me a couple of months ago.

These chicks are just too adorable. But I think you will be a bit surprised the pattern I have in mind for these fabrics. Stay tuned… I should have some pictures for you in a couple of weeks! Meanwhile, would you care to give the fabrics a second look and try to guess the theme of this quilt?

It’s back to WORK, WORK, WORK for me!!! Let me know if you wish to bring by dinner for me today, just kidding! :) Have a great day, my dear friends!