FRIENDLY WARNING: Just in case you are making…

my Warm Blessings quilt … there is a slight boo boo in the quilt assembly diagram in the magazine.  This is what you will see in the magazine.  See how the brown patches in the 9-patch block centers are all going in the same direction?

That’s not the case in my original design with which I made the quilt.  The difference is subtle, and probably won’t matter much.  But I felt like it is my responsibility to share the information with you in case you are wanting your quilt to look EXACTLY like mine.  I also feel the braided effect is a little more prominent with the brown patches oriented differently from block to block.

Please know that I am not mad at the editorial staff  of the magazine because I think they consistently do a good job.  Sometimes things happen.  The difference was indeed subtle.   Thus the friendly warning. ;)

I want to also take the opportunity to thank you for your super kind and sweet comments on the quilt.  Have a blessed rest of the day.


Warm Blessings in Quilter’s World (December 2012)

Hello Friends, warm blessings to you all no matter in which hemisphere you live in the form of a newly featured quilt “Warm Blessings”  (in the December 2012 issue of Quilter’s World).  I have had the words of “Count Your Blessings” ringing in my mind all day, and my heart is filled with thankfulness.

[image source: Quilter’s World]

I designed this quilt for my piecing friends – those who LOVE to piece.  Although I am not passionate about piecing, I do appreciate the mosaic effect that emerges from sewing together small patches.  This particular quilt was also designed in response to a call for the theme “Nine-patch Variations” by Quilter’s World.  You can see the 9-patches peeking at you here and there from the design, and because of the way the blocks are colored, a secondary “braided” effect is also visible.

The quilt was made using Benartex’s Rustling Leaves — this collection has really beautiful autumn fabrics that are warm and rich in colors.

Here are a few shots with some fall-colored things – an orange purse (my very fashionable sister assures me it’s completely okay to walk around with an orange purse), a few pumpkins, and one of Miss Baby’s homemade autumn cards that we have mailed out to friends.

Quilting was done with an allover Jester’s Hat motif using Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads over Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batt. You can see from some of the shots I had used a variegated thread.

I want to briefly highlight the glass pumpkin you see in the pictures.  I had recently discovered glass artist Luke Adams, and I am telling you…. he makes some really amazing decorative pumpkins!  Click here to see his offerings.

I hope you have enjoyed my Warm Blessings quilt showing a nine-patch variation theme.  I am interested to hear what you think of it.

Thank you for stopping by.  May the rest of your week be filled with many blessings.


Braided Blessings: Final Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I finished my Braided Blessings quilt!  I actually really enjoyed making the nine-patches this time around.  Perhaps it’s because I have matured in my quilting outlook on things – I tend to enjoy each process better.  Now, do you see the braids starting to “form”?

A quick sneak peek on the quilted quilt for you.  You will notice that the Jester’s Hat motif is used again – this time it’s all over the quilt center, and not just the border.  I found that I had to do quite a bit of start-and-stop to decide where to go next when I was quilting the quilt — I think that’s because I was using a domestic machine where visibility is always an issue.  But over all, the effect is great after quilting was completed.

That’s all for now, dear Friends!  We have a full day today — it’s library day for us in addition to a mother/daughter party with other moms/kids!  Have a blessed day now.