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blue monday

I know some of my “Blue Monday” friends haven’t seen my Pieceful Garden quilt, so I thought I would show the quilt for this week’s Blue Monday.  The quilt was featured in the November 2008 issue of “The Quilter” magazine.  I was told that it was a contender for the cover quilt.  You may click here to view more pictures of the quilt:

Peaceful Garden1

Peaceful Garden3

Peaceful Garden5

Peaceful Garden7

I was able to make the following pillows with the fabric scraps:

scrap pillow1


I wish you a pieceful week!  Happy Monday!!  Thanks for stopping by.  I will chat with you again tomorrow.

p.s.  I have at one time sold the quilt kit for the quilt top.  I am down to one kit should any of you be interested in purchasing the last kit.  You may do so in my Etsy shop.

Appreciating my Bloggy Friends — GIVEAWAY! Please SCROLL DOWN for new posts updated daily!!

My bloggy friends,

I have truly appreciated your sweet and kind comments on my Pieceful Garden projects. And as a token of my appreciation, I am giving this pillow away to go with the quilt some of you are making with the kit, or as an accent piece in your home decorating:

Here are a few simple rules:

1. All are welcome to enter the drawing (that means anyone who reads or stumbles upon this blog!).

2. All you need to do is to leave a comment about any of the following between now and Sept 30:

– your favorite post on this blog

– your favorite holiday tradition

– what you think of “The Quilter” (Nov 2008) if you’ve already gotten a copy

– or, just any comment!

3. Only one comment per person (please make sure I will have a way to contact you).

4. Please note that if you are living outside of the US, only the pillow case will be mailed to you.

5. The winner will be announced on Oct 1, 2008.

Have a great day, everyone. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Pieceful Garden Scrap Project: Part 3 (Final Part)

I finished the other scrap project over the weekend using the Pieceful Garden kit scraps. I made it into another pillow because I didn’t foresee myself having time to do the quilting if I had turned it into a table-runner or another small wallhanging.

I used this configuration, and added some borders:

I dis-engaged the nine-patches from the scraps from trimming the blocks at the corners of the original quilt and added to the corners of the pillowcase:

… and voila!!!

I truly appreciate all the kind comments everyone has left about my Pieceful Garden quilt – and that’s why, I will be putting up one of these two pillows for a giveaway in my post tomorrow! Don’t forget to check back for details!!!

Meanwhile, have a wonderful week ahead!!!

Pieceful Garden Scrap Project: Part 1

This is a super-easy way to use up the scraps left over from the “Pieceful Garden” quilt kit. You should have enough to construct two separate blocks for the ideas shared below:

You may simply sew the four pieced triangles together to form a square block. Feel free to add borders to make the resulting block larger. If you are happy with this look, skip down to “options” for finishing ideas:


I decided to add just a bit of spice to my scrap project. First I cut 2″ strips that were slightly longer than the shorter sides of the triangle and sew the strips to two triangles as shown. Press seam. Repeat for two other triangles:

Then I trimmed off the excess strips to form a right angle corner:

Then I cut another 2″ wide strip, this time the length would be more than enough to cover the longest side of the two original triangles sewn together with the strip. Sew the cut strip to the longest side with excess on both ends:

Sew the other set of two triangles already joined together to the latest assembly as shown. Make sure the center of both layers are on target. Press seams. Trim the excess to form the right angle corners:

Now, your scrappy “Pieceful Garden” scraps have taken on a new look:

Options on what to do to this new block:

1. Add more borders as you fancy to make another smaller wallhanging.

2. Leave it as it is, or add more borders, to make a pillow case.

3. Use both of the new blocks and add a plain block or two to make a table runner.

4. Incorporate it into a tote project.

5. The possibilities are just about endless! :)

As for me, I am still mulling over my options as to how to finish off this block made from scraps. Do check back in a couple of days — I will have pictures of my completed scrap projects!

The Quilter” magazine November issue is scheduled to hit the newsstands on Sept 16 — you will find instructions on how to construct “Pieceful Garden” in the magazine!

Disclaimer – you will ONLY have the scraps left from Double-Nine-Patch blocks trimming the blocks for the scrap project.  Anything extras you see in my scrap projects require extra fabrics.  You may choose to purchase more fabrics, or mix-and-match with other fabrics.  The reason I used coordinating fabrics is because I had extra fabrics left from making the sample quilt for “The Quilter”.

Block Scraps and Award

Photo courtesy of "The Quilter"

I ended with a bunch of “block” scraps from the “Pieceful Garden” quilt:

I had invested time in constructing those blocks, and just didn’t feel right tossing them away! I was trying to come up with a bonus free pattern to offer with the “Pieceful Garden” kit, and thanks to my quilting mentor Barbara, it might just turn out to be the perfect little bonus project — stay tuned! :)


Many thanks to Holly of Holly’s Stitching and Stuff for the following award. Holly is an incredible needleworker – do visit her to see her beautiful stitchery:

Secret no longer!!!

My bloggy friends, you were there with me through the thick and thin of the construction of my “Pieceful Kingdom” quilt a few months ago. Thank you, and thank you, for your encouragement when I was making the quilt! Here it is, FINALLY!!!

This quilt was made with the popular fabric line “Family Tree” by Benartex. It was renamed by the editorial staff at The Quilter to be “Pieceful Garden” to suit the theme of the fabrics. The quilt is now back with me, and is slated to be featured in The Quilter‘s November Issue hitting the newsstands on September 15!!! I am excited!!!

I should be getting my copy of the magazine any day now, and when I do, I will post more pictures, including close-up shots.

UPDATE (9/7/2008) — click here for BONUS project using the scraps from the kit!

Meanwhile, if you want to read the previous posts on the project, here they are:

1. Fabrics

2. First few blocks

3. HIGHLY frustrated peiord

4. Fun Part


Also, for the quilters that are interested in replicating this quilt, I am offering the kits for sale on my website (my FIRST kitting project!).


I think I got carried away when I was designing the “Family Tree” quilt on Electric Quilt! The design on the monitor screen looked fabulous at the time I played around with inserting different blocks and fabric swatches for different visual effects! Well, things certainly often present themselves much easier on paper (monitor screen in this case)… I hadn’t anticipated the “challenge within challenge” situations that I have encountered in making this magazine quilt. Shown here is part of the design I see on my monitor screen:

1. Nine-patch within nine-patch (after the fact!):

It was really not that hard except for the fact that it was a bit tedious. The challenge came when I had to pull out “customized” tricks in getting the finished size for each individual square to be 1″. Things tend to get a bit tricky when one is dealing with something that small in size. So, I had to experiment with moving my needle positions, squaring up the pieces for every seam I sewed… time quickly added up for those 25 blocks I had to make!

2. Pinwheel-within-pinwheel:

As if step one wasn’t enough in trying one’s patience, I quickly discovered step 2 is even more challenging, especially for the smaller pinwheels. I tried changing out those pinwheel blocks with other blocks in the software, but they just didn’t look as good! Even my artistic consultant (aka husband) agreed. So, I was stuck slugging it out for them pinwheels.

You can see a snippet of the quilt top where some of the pinwheels are now incorporated in the quilt top. I have to say they look pretty good :)

I think I am ready to complete this “challenge within challenge” quilt. As soon as I am finished with this plus two other magazine quilts this month, I am ready for something easier and doesn’t require any thought – LEISURE – as shown on this Delft plate sent by a friend from Holland!

Of weather, quilting notions and progress on quilt…

I am a tropical girl at heart. When it has been raining gently throughout the day like today, and if I have nothing better to do, I would love nothing better than to just….

…..snuggle in a comfortable chair, or even in bed, and read my book, or just daydream:

But instead, I had to travel 45 minutes one way to pick up something that is less than $10, but it’s something I absolutely have to have to complete my “Family Tree” quilt:

I also picked this up to mark on my quilt for quilting later. It is a special fabric marker for dark fabrics:

And now, another sneak peek of the progress. I did finish ALL 25 of the skeletal blocks. I have NEVER made that many quilt blocks in my life for one block pattern – talk about being repetitive! I have a lot of respect for people that make bed-sized quilts with countless blocks of the same block pattern. I am now adding the accentual pieces to complete the quilt top (some accentual pieces are shown):

Even though I was not able to waste away on this wet and rainy day with the past-time activity of my choice, I did receive my Aynsley Cottage Garden Vase to go with the plate serving as a decorative detail in one of the bathrooms. So that was a pretty good highlight of my rainy and wet day:

(Click here if you are interested to know more about my Pampered Puppies figurine.)

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Till next time! :)