Cozy Patch

A wonderful Wednesday to you! This is now safely returned to me:


I have initially named this quilt “Spring Cozy”, but the editorial staff at “The Quilter” renamed the project “Cozy Patch” for their May Issue magazine. I think “Cozy Patch” is a much cozier name (that’s why I am not an editor!):


I am pleased with the sweet and soft look of the quilt – perfect to go with all things feminine:



Who could resist these scrumptious floral prints? And the baby sky blue paisleys?!



Gotta run – I will catch up with you later!

Playing with Triangles

Another project is underway with fabrics from “An Apple a Day” by Benartex. The quilt will be featured in Quilter’s World next year. These fabrics are absolutely homey and cozy – every time I handle the fabrics, I feel like making some apple-ish dessert!



I am amazed by how prevalent the concept of triangles is in the myriad quilt blocks out there. Here my “Apple Basket” (originally called Grape Basket”) blocks are about done:


I wish you a warm and cozy day while I finish up these baskets to for my apples!

[Tip for making half-square-triangles if you are not doing paper-piecing: Instead of cutting your squares for the triangles 7/8″ larger than the desired finished size, cut in 1″ larger. Then, you are able to trim the half-square-triangles to exactly the size with which you will use for piecing. It works for me perfectly every time.]

In the company of “rich”…

You remember this, don’t you?

I have been in nearly constant company of fabrics lately because of impending deadlines, some rich fabrics. Don’t you just love that rich red among the other colors? I have to say that red fabric is probably one of my very favorites!! This will be the last sneak-preview before the quilt is officially featured in “The Quilter”‘s March 2009 Issue:

Fabrics and what we make with them enrich our lives in many ways, historically and presently. They sort of tie eras of history together as each era emphasizes a different aspect of fabric art that is slightly different than the other eras. My fabric pursuits have largely been influenced by the rich history that is associated with the early American history. Last night I had a most enjoyable phone conversation with Judy Morton, chair of the Old Tippecanoe Block Challenge. She told me about how she too have been inspired by the rich history of America in her quilting pursuits. She is an amazing hand quilter – one of her quilts is featured in the “Photo Finish” of “The Quilter“‘s Christmas Issue. She has done the applique all by hand:

Okay, I need to get back in the company of more fabrics… (you will see what I mean in tomorrow’s post). I wish you all a wonderful day, rich with blessings! Till next time!