Hello Friends!  Long time no chat!  I am finally back from visiting my home country.  One thing I learned is that lots of stickers made a pint-sized person a happy passenger on a looong flight:

I had every intention to work on Miss Baby’s birth sampler on our flight back… only to have my embroidery scissors confiscated at the airport security at my departure point.  URGH!  I had purposely not packed a book so that I could concentrate on stitching.  I had nothing to occupy my time on one of my flights that lasted 14 hours!!  I flipped through the in-flight duty free shopping catalog five times because the I have already read the in-flight magazine and watched the interesting movies on my way over to visit my family.  It was like torture to me when my hands were idle.  All that to say, the birth sampler is back to being in limbo again…

ImageI want to thank you for your kind comments and sweet emails to me while I was gone.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t respond to everyone.  But please know that I appreciate all your sweetness, and count myself blessed to know you as friends.

Perhaps another free quilt pattern from Benartex and yours truly would induce you to forgive me of my long silence… I share with you my “Floral Framework” design, graciously offered by Benartex.  The tan squares you see in two of the blocks are meant for panels.  The fabrics you see are from Benartex’s Arboretum collection.

You may download the pattern for free here.  Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you a lovely day.