Curious mind WANTS to know…. if you could…

… have the Cadillac version of batting, what features would you like to have for the batting?!


stained glass6



I liken the batting to the “meat” in my sandwiches – an ingredient of great importance.  And since I quilt on a domestic machine, it is crucial that I use a “great to work with” batting.  You can read my thoughts on my favorite battings by clicking here, and here.


Recently, I discovered I also really like the recently released Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool batting (Blend of Fine Cotton and Superwash Wool).  It is still light and perfect for domestic machine quilting, but it has a bit more substance to the batting compared to the regular Tuscany Wool.


I quilted my recently completed  A Scandinavian Romance with the Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool!  LOVE IT!


SO – tell me, Dear Friends, what do you look for in your dream piece of batting?  Loft? Light? Resin coated? Natural fiber? ANYTHING – curious mind wants to know.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely rest of the week.  Hugs to you all.

p.s.  You can keep up with the latest on Hobbs by following their Facebook page here.   I met the Hobbs team at Houst Fall Market last month – the sweetest people!  I do regret the lack of pictures though – what was I thinking?!