Editorial Feature Overload #3: Cover Quilt and More in Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2017)

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  I am excited to share with one of my quilts made cover again in the current quilting publications!!!  That quilt is mine, and it’s Pound of Sugar!  A seriously sweet name for a quilt made with sweet 30’s fabrics, no? :)

This quilt uses the Feedsack fabrics from Windham Fabrics.  And I absolutely absolutely love for it turned out!

I don’t have this quilt back with me because it is going to be displayed at Spring Market next month in St. Louis.  But I am glad the picture shows the quilting details well enough!

Yesterday,  you saw my County Fair quilt that is made of pinwheels.  Pound of Sugar is ALSO a pinwheel quilt, except the way the pinwheels are constructed give an on-point effect!

The next editorial feature I have in the same magazine issue is Cozy Castles – a baby quilt that is made with 30’s flannel fabrics from Windham’s Storybook Flannel fabric line.  Click here to view fabrics.

Incidentally, I designed a free-to-use sailboat quilt to support this fabric group.  Click here to download pattern.

Missouri Star is also carrying another baby quilt kit called Starburst, for which I designed using the same fabric line! Click here to purchase the quilt kit.

I always love working with 30’s fabrics.  I am actually hoarding 30’s fabrics to hopefully work on a quilt of my dreams…. when I retire from designing, hahaha!

Alrightie, Friends… I have to fly for now!  I hope you have a lovely weekend.


My 2017 Line-up

Editorial Feature

American Patchwork & Quilting (Jan/Feb 2017):  Close Quarters (Cover Quilt)

Fons & Porter Easy Quilts (Summer 2017): Pound of Sugar (Cover Quilt)

Fons & Porter Easy Quilts (Summer 2017): Cozy Castles

McCall’s Quilting (May/June 2017): Village Square (Cover Quilt)

McCall’s Quilting (May/June 2017): County Fair

McCall’s Quick Quilts (Feb/March 2017):  I’m Blue For You

McCall’s Quick Quilts (April/May 2017): Stamp Pad


Free-to-use Design

Jan 2017:  Stars and Stripes Forever (Hoffman Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  HOPE (Windham Fabrics)

Jan 2017:  Bleecker Street (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Sheeps and Peeps (Quilting Treasures)

Feb 2017: Smarty Cats (Windham Fabrics)

Feb 2017: Wildwood Way (RJR Fabrics)

March 2017: Hamilton (Windham Fabrics)

April 2017: Vines (Windham Fabrics)

April 2017: Storybook Flannel (Windham Fabrics)


FREE PATTERN: Baby Sprinkles

Happy Monday, Dear Friends!  I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day weekend!  I actually took things easy over the weekend!  Being outdoors did me good.



I am happy to share with you a baby/crib quilt design today, using Quilting Treasures’ newly released Baby Sprinkles fabrics.  If you like traditional baby things with a fresh take, do check out the Baby Sprinkles fabrics here. I like that the fabric line comes in baby girl and baby boy colorways.

High Res_Design 1b_Girl_40 x 51_8 skus

High Res_Design 1b_Boy_40 x 51_8 skus

Click here to download the free-to-use pattern instructions.

I hope you have liked seeing these sweet crib quilts. :)  They make me miss Miss Baby’s baby days — but then, they also make me not miss those early days, ha!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely week!


My 2016 Line-up

Note:  You may click here for the exhaustive list of my published work.

Editorial Features:

American Patchwork & Quilting 2016 Calendar: In Your Corner

Fons and Porter Love of Quilting (March/April 2016): Constellation of Stars

Fons and Porter Easy Quilts (Summer 2016): Estelle

McCall’s Quick Quilts (December 2015/January 2016): Rows of Roses

McCall’s Quick Quilts (February/March 2016): Early Birds

McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2016): Sherbet Stars

Quiltmaker (May/June 2016): Lavender Love

Quilts and More (Summer 2016): Tutu Cute


Free-to-use Designs:

January: Heads Up Crib Quilt & Playmat (Quilting Treasures)

January: Big Love using Go Big or Go Home (Windham Fabrics)

January: Star Dust using Brittany (Benartex)

January: Wish You Were Here (Hoffman Fabrics)

January: Farfalle using Whisper (Windham Fabrics)

January: Tulips Quilt using Flower Pedals (Windham Fabrics)

More on Bunny Foo Foo

I have actually posted bout my Bunny Foo Foo quilt that is featured in Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts for Kids (Summer 2011). Back when I posted about the quilt, the quilt was not yet returned to me from the Editor, and thus the limited pictures.

The quilt is back with me now. I thought it good to show you additional pictures of the quilt.

Of course, the quilt wouldn’t be named “Bunny Foo Foo” without the bunnies taking the center stage. These chocolate bunnies make me crave for chocolates.

Here are some close-ups on the quilting. I was very pleased with the “doily” effect I had quilted around the letters.

Joan of Australia took the basic layout of the quilt design and made a version of the quilt that is totally her own for her newborn grandson.  Joan is one of the most creative quilters I know… spend some time on her blog and drool over her work!

Have you made a baby quilt lately?    Feel free to send me pictures at wendy2@wendysheppard.net so that I can admire your work.    My brain fried by this fiery summer heat can certainly use a bit of inspiration! :)

Quilt: Gwen’s Stars!

[I was going to show my sneak peeks on my “Presents” Quilt today, but I decided to give the honor to my quilting teacher who recently finished “Gwen’s Stars”! I really want my Sew-and-Tell buddies to see this quilt!!!]

This week, you have seen the “retired” baby shoes. You have seen the work-in-progress Birth sampler for Baby. And now, without further ado, Baby’s official baby quilt, Gwen’s Stars – made by Barbara!

I have often mentioned Babara, my ever wonderful quilting teacher and beloved friend, who got me started down the exciting path of quilting. She brought by a quilt she made for Baby last week!!

Friends, we are extremely touched by the gift at the Ivory Spring household!!! To date, I don’t know of any quilt holds a more honored place in our home and hearts!

Barbara used the Martha Washington stars in some of the blocks because she knows I am a big fan of Martha Washington.

The colors are the perfect! They convey the right amount of femininity that I hope is evident in Baby when she grows up. I absolutely love the touch of gold amongst the pinks and greens too.

Barbara quilted the quilt with a mix of machine embroidery and hand quilting (the major portion). It is amazing!!! I love the look of hand-quilted quilts – hand-quilting really softens the look of a quilt as a whole. I cannot hand-quilt to save my life. So, I doubly and triply appreciate Barbara for handquilting those beautiful feathers on Baby’s quilt.

I know this quilt has been a work of love and prayers. Barbara prayed for Baby even before Baby was born. What an honor it is for Baby to have Barbara in her young life!

Barbara named the quilt “Gwen’s Stars”. A most giving and generous person, Barbara has blessed countless babies with baby quilts — we think she is the REAL star!

Precious Baby Steps

The baby birth quilt was shipped out last week to the editor. If all things go well, it should appear in the April 2010 issue of “Quilter’s World”. Here are a couple of sneak peeks:

baby steps1

baby steps2

It was not easy stamping a 7-month old’s footprints on the quilt top. At first, the baby was really curious. But curiosity eventually killed the patience toward the end of this mad scheme of getting a 7-month old baby to cooperate in stamping her footprints on a magazine quilt top that really has very little room to mess up. But I think we all survived!

Shop News: Why, of course…

This is a busy day for me, but this is the day I get to attach the collars onto my daygown! EXCITING. I can’t wait to show you pictures when I get those collars on! I hope wherever you are, you would have a safe and blessed day!


People ask if I sell my work… my answer is always, “Why, of course!” From time to time, I do put some of my quilts up for sale to go to a good home.

Currently, I am offering “Count Your Blessings” – a baby girl heirloom/blessing quilt that is custom-made with over 30 fabrics all mixed in together for a girlish whimsical look. There are nine girl bears that are appliqued onto the quilt with machine embroidery. Only the 100% genuine quilting fabrics were used, with Italian and German made threads for the assembling the quilt. Everything is done by yours truly! Finished size is 36.5″. You may click here to access my shop page.  There is only ONE of this quilt for sale offered at a much lower price than a custom-order quilt in the same style, so the sale is on a first come first served basis.

I am able to do custom orders for quilts in this style should you be interested in having one made for a boy. I am also able to do the applique for letters to make the name of a child, or even all 26 alphabets. Please do not hesitate to contact me for pricing at wendy@wendysheppard.net should you be interested.

I am also planning to offer some custom made Children’s Items in the very near future, brought to you by an extremely talented lady (NOT ME!) who specializes in children’s clothing. Come back tomorrow when I do a show and tell on a Christening gown she has made that is now in my possession.

“Count Your Blessings” Baby Quilt

This is a girly baby quilt I made using machine embroidered applique motifs on scrappily pieced background:

The bear motifs are from a collection called Alpha Bears.  My favorite part is being able to use my own colors to “dress up” these girly bears in their favorite outfits!

I hope you all have a very blessed week ahead of you!!  It’s always wonderful to have you stop by.  Do drop me a line so that I can visit you too.

How I caught the bug

… the quilting bug!

I made my first quilt after much encouragement from my quilting mentor and friend Barbara.  I had the perfect excuse to venture into something new — a newborn in the family!

I had the most fun picking and choosing the different fabrics for the quilt.  The applique was really fun too.  My favorite part of the quilt is the “bunny-go-around”:

To keep the ever running bunnies well-stocked with energy, I picked a backing fabric FULL of carrots :) :

I was smitten by the quilting bug after this first quilt, and am glad that it hasn’t left me so far! :)

Have a fun weekend, everyone!