Giveaway: Marmalade Meadows Floss Collection + Bleecker Street FQ Bundle!!!!

Aurifil’s blog ( interviewed me about my newly released collection today.  Click HERE to read the interview, and be sure to enter the giveaway of a Marmalade Meadows thread box and Quilting Treasures’ Bleecker Street FQ bundle!!!


A few weeks ago, I shared with you the exciting news of curating a new collection for Aurifil — except this time it’s for embroidery floss.  Many quilting friends associate me with quilting, but I also am passionate about handwork.  So, curating Marmalade Meadows is my way to sharing my love of all things handwork!


The colors in Marmalade Meadows are selected to complement Quilting Treasures’ newly released Bleecker Street fabrics.


I designed a pieced, applique and embroidery collage quilt to support both the fabrics and the floss.  Spring on Bleeker Street received warm response at Fall Market this past October.  The fabrics are shipping now to local quilt shops.  Some shops are kitting the project.  The pattern instructions are available for download here.  I will also be hosting a Sew-Along party on my blog starting in February 2017.  So I hope you will get your supplies ready between now and then, and be my sewing buddy for this project.  I designed the quilt, but don’t have the actual quilt.  So, I need to make one for myself to go into Miss Baby’s room!




I also designed Marmalade’s Merriment a separate project focusing on hand embroidery.  That’s the project you see on the floss box!  The pattern is a free pattern available through Aurifil, link provided in the interview.



I am turning off comments on my blog post today.  Do head on over to Auribuzz and comment there, especially if I have turned you into an Aurifil fan. :-) Meanwhile, please share with your friends about the giveaway. :)

Blessings to all!  I need to get back to more sewing.

DONE: My Aurifil Designer of the Month Block 3



Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again!  I always enjoy hearing from you.  You have seen my blocks #1 and #2 of the Aurifil Designer of the Month blocks!


I completed my Block #3 over the weekend!


Block #3 is designed by Christa Watson.  Click here if you haven’t downloaded the block instructions, or would like to learn more about the block.  Christa’s block features an improv-pieced block center.  Instead of piecing mine, I stitched out the improv look with Aurifloss, Aurifil’s 100% cotton embroidery floss.


I separated outall the strands from the thread, and re-assemble 3 strands for my stitching using Aurifloss.  The floss stitched out beautifully – the coverage was amazing!  I will have a later post reviewing with the floss later, but one thing I can say is that the quality that is so evident (and well loved) in the other Aurifil threads is definitely in the floss as well.  It was fun improv-stitching out the block center.  For now, if you want to get those springy colors for yourself, the colors are: 2135 (yellow), 2210 (copper), 1147 (green), 4020 (pink).

The really neat thing is Aurifil makes the floss for ALL the colors they make for the other cotton weights!  So break out your color card, and do what I do — bring the color card along to your activities, and daydream about them!  Now you know what I do when I take Miss Baby to her violin lessons. :)  In all seriousness, I do take notes!!!  This violin thing – it is a family affair!!

color card


Editor’s update:  Something came up and needed my immediate attention.  So, I am not sure how often I am going to be update my blog!  Please know that I will be back just as soon as I can!  Hugs to you all.

Have you seen these Aurifil embroidery floss?

Aurifil sent me these embroidery floss a few weeks ago.  I was impressed by the fancy schmancy way the floss is packaged, unlike the regular skein-look as in the other embroidery floss normally has.  These floss are 4-stranded.  I am eager to try them out…

I think I am going to stitch my Wiehenburg contest sampler with my new fancy schmancy floss.  I am leaning toward the blue to go with my blue dishes:

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great day.  My Christmas Whirligigs quilt is DONE.  I just have to take some pictures to be able to post some preview on my blog…. stay tuned.