2015 National Quilting Day & Giveaway!

Hello Friends — Happy Saturday and Happy National Quilting Day!  Read about National Quilting Day here.


Once upon a time, there was girl who lived in the tropics, in the comfort of home, church, and many relatives.  All her life, she dreamed upon going to England for college… ever since she was five years of age.

starry pursuit6


She worked hard at school… because of the consuming dream of going to England for college.




The day came, she left home to go to college…. not to England, but to the United States.  She was disappointed at the time, but she accepted that it was the path chosen for her.



She finished college with a graduate degree.  She married.  She had a little girl.

Autumn Stars2

Somewhere in her years in the US, she met a most generous and loving lady — who taught this girl how to quilt.



And the rest is history.  Because someone else stepped in, and encouraged, and took the time to teach this girl (who hadn’t really even touched a sewing machine in her life), this girl’s life was changed!




She made many sweet quilting and non-quilting friends along her quilting journey.  She was able to do things not dreamed off in all her dreams of going to England for college…



And she continues to accepts the path chosen for her, by her loving God.



IMG_9539And in a roundabout way, though she sees that she is but a whiff of air passing through this world, she is inspired by the people she meets to make a difference in her small roundabout circle…because someone else had made a difference in her life.


On this National Quilting Day, this is a roundabout way of telling the story of an Asian girl who discovered the joy of quilting, because a loving lady who answered the call to make a difference in the lives of others!  Thank you, Barbara!

And Happy National Quilting Day again, Everyone!!


Annie’s has generously sponsored a giveaway of my online class Learn to Machine Quilt class.  Leave a comment between now and March 27, 2015 to enter giveaway.  Winner will be announce on March 30, 2015.


learn to machine quilt

Speaking of machine quilting, stay tuned for some exciting news!

Jean’s Quilt made from Annie’s “Learn to Machine Quilt” Class

Miss Baby:  Mom, when I grow bigger, you can teach me how to push the quilt under the machine.

My commentary:  I think that’s Miss Baby’s perception of “free-motion quilting” – where I “push” the quilt under my sewing machine.  I just love how a four-year-old defines free-motion quilting, don’t you? :)

Miss Baby

Well, maybe when Miss Baby is bigger, she can take my “Learn to Machine Quilt” class – because the techniques featured in the class are selected to help quilters master the skill of “pushing” moving their quilt sandwiches underneath the oftentimes small and limited throat space of their domestic machines. HA!

Learn to Machine Quilt

Jean of Arkansas made my day when she sent me pictures of her quilt made from the “Learn to Machine Quilt” class.  Jean has also graciously allowed me to share those pictures with you.


You can see that center square of Jean’s quilt is a replica of my class project.  She added borders made with fabrics she had picked up in France to make the class project into a very attractive table topper!  Very creatively done, Jean!


You can see Jean’s “Double Echoing” and Jester’s Hat” motifs in the following close-up shot…


… as well as her cross-hatching, pebbles and stippling.


Very nice work, Jean!  Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.  Please tell Jean she did a great job, would you?

[In case you are new to Ivory Spring, my “Learn to Machine Quilt” is an online class offered by Annie’s.  It is designed with flexibility in mind – you can sign up anytime, watch, learn, and work on your class project at your leisure.  The class is yours to keep forever once you purchase the class.  Quite a few Ivory Spring readers have written to tell me they have signed up and on their way to experiencing the joy of machine quilting.  I hope you will let me come alongside and help you jumpstart your machine quilting journey as well.  Click here to watch a free preview, and sign up for the class.  Maybe I will see in “class”?]

Thanks for stopping by, Friends.  Come back tomorrow as I will be sharing yet another free pattern!