Personalization ideas for signature blocks

I think whoever came up with the idea of signature quilt blocks is a genius. The idea of signature blocks makes a quilt (which is already a very personal creation) even more personal and meaningful. These are pictures of some signature quilt blocks. Pictures are from Quilter’s Cache with free patterns on the site:

Some ideas for personalizing these blocks:

1. Names of family members for a quilt to commemorate a reunion or important family event

2. Birth particulars of a baby on a birth quilt

3. Names of guests on a wedding or wedding shower quilt

4. Names of important and famous people – Adeline Harris of mid-1800’s managed to collect signatures of important and famous people of her time, and thereby memorialized her era in this amazing quilt! The famous people comprised of politicians, poets, clergymen etc (pictures from “Quilts and Coverlets of America):

5. Names of countries on a travel quilt

6. Favorite verses on a Bible or Poetry or Famous Quotes quilt

7. Things prayed for on a Prayer quilt

8. Addresses lived at for a military family quilt

9. Love in different languages for a “I heart you” quilt

10. Titles of songs for a music quilt

11. Accomplishments in an achievement quilt

For my signature quilts, I actually stitch the words by hand onto the blocks instead of signing it with a fabric safe pen. Alternatively, one can also machine embroider the personalization on the blocks – just be sure to use the right amount of stabilizer to prevent the dense stitching from puckering the block.

I am using my Autumn into Winter quilt to record the favorite food items in the Ivory Spring household during the colder months of the year:

What interesting ideas have you used the signature blocks? Even if you aren’t a quilter, I would love to hear if you have any other neat ideas to personalize these quilt blocks.

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you have a lovely day!